Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers for Home and On-the-Go

Air is an essential but often overlooked factor in health. These air purifying devices help improve the quality of air you breathe at home and on the go.

Air Purifiers for Dust and Allergies

Below is a selection of air purifying devices that filter the air in your home. Some are even portable so you can ensure every room you occupy has clean air.

Air purifiers have fans that suck air from the room inside itself where it traps harmful particles in its filter as clean air is pushed back out into the room. This helps neutralize the hidden allergens and pollutants that occupy the air you breathe.

Oxygen Tank and Cylinder Holders

For those that need more direct clean air, there are multiple carrier and holder options below that provide efficient, hassle-free ways to take oxygen cylinders and tanks with you on the go or keep them steady at home.

The carrying bags go over your shoulders or on your back while staying comfortable enough for all-day wear. For when you’re just relaxing at home however, there’s an option for a free-standing oxygen tank holder as well.

Air Purifying Accessories

Along with the air purifiers and oxygen tank holders, there’s also a selection of accessories that can further enhance your clean air experience at home or on-the-go.

You can find HEPA filter replacements to keep your air fresh, as well as different nasal inhalers and vents to keep your airways clean and clear.


Drive Medical

Drive Medical Nitro Oxygen Tank Holder


Drive Medical Nitro O2 Tank Holder The Drive Medical Nitro O2 Tank Holder is for use exclusively with the Drive's Nitro Rollator. Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollator Features Accommodates the most commonly used tank sizes (ML6/A tanks, M4/A tanks,...

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Relaxus Himalayan Salt Inhaler

$37.00 $29.55

Relaxus Himalayan Salt Inhaler Our Himalayan Pink Salt Inhaler is made of high-quality ceramic and contains food-grade Himalayan pink salt. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, micron-sized particles of Himalayan pink salt enters the...

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BIOS Medical

Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder

$70.00 $63.94

Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder The Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder is a safe and convenient way to carry your oxygen tank. This bag is perfect for use with a wheelchair, and it has a comfortable shoulder strap for easy transport. The Bios Medical...

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Relaxus Compact Clean Air Purifier

$52.00 $41.50

Relaxus Compact Clean Air Purifier Do you have allergies or worry about indoor pollutants? A HEPA air purifier could help, but no ordinary purifier can clean in every room. The Relaxus Compact Clean Air Purifier keeps you safe in all the places you spend...

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Relaxus Neti Pot

$18.00 $12.39

Relaxus Neti Pot The Neti Pot is used to cleanse the nasal tract of any impurities and commonly used to help relieve symptoms of nasal congestion and sinusitis. Neti Pot Features A Neti pot can be used to treat nasal allergies, sinus...

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HoMedics Total Clean 4 in 1 Purifier

$159.95 $139.95

HoMedics Total Clean 4 in 1 Purifier Features: 99% Hepa-type filtration Use your favorite essential oil remove allergens Carbon odor filter reduces household odors and VOCs 3 speed settings 4 times per hour change rate efficiency Airflow...

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