Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot | DJO-01EF-XS , DJO-001EF-S, DJO-01EF-M, DJO-01EF-L, DJO-01EF-XL
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Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot

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Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot,

The Aircast Airselect Standard Walking Boot is lightweight and provides extra stability and protection to the foot and ankle. It is designed to provide optimal comfort with its padded lining and Velcro closure strap. This Aircast boot is perfect for those with a below-knee injury or who need a temporary device for a fracture or sprain.

The Aircast Airselect standard walking boot is air-filled, providing comfort and support for plantar fasciitis, Achilles’ tendonitis, and other foot conditions. It has an integrated heel-to-toe rocker that provides maximum relief of pressure on the heel to reduce pain. This walking boot's low-profile design also promotes healing by reducing weight-bearing on the affected area.

Aircast Standard Walking Boot Features

  • Made to stabilize the fractured foot, ankle, or lower leg
  • Help relieves severe ankle sprain
  • Ideal for post-operative recovery
  • Available in different sizes
  • Skid-resistant rubber thread
  • It has a three-strap system that evenly disperses pressure to eliminate pooling of edema
  • The integrated inflation is intuitive and permits fast and easy customization of each Aircell
  • Suitable for more excellent traction and longer wearing period

Design of Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot

This medical walking boot is high-quality all-day comfort footwear designed for recovering from injury or surgery. It is lightweight, water-resistant, and durable to insulate the foot from external factors.

It is specifically manufactured to fit the needs of its user. It can be adjusted to fit most adults with ease, and it is lighter than competitors on the market, making it easier to walk around.

Aircast Airselect standard boot is an economical model that provides moderate support, quality, effectiveness, and comfort. It has a semi-rigid shell that supports the limb while providing protection. Housed within the shell are two adjustable distal aircells that deliver compression and support the malleoli.

Its soft strike technology absorbs and dissipates the shock, while the lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait.

Material Components of Aircast AirSelect Boot

  • Shell: Polypropylene
  • Front Panel: High-Density Polyethylene
  • Straps: Nylon
  • Inflation Pumps: Thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Liner: Nylon/Polyurethane/Polyester (outer/foam/inner mesh)
  • Binding: Polyester
  • Outer Sole/Insole: EVA/Rubber
  • Selector Dial: Nylon

Benefits Of Aircast Walking Boot

There are many benefits of having an Aircast Airselect Standard walking device; it provides comfort and relief for those suffering from foot and ankle injuries and those who have been required to wear a walking cast.

While the Aircast Airselect Standard Walking Cast is excellent for wounds on the foot or ankle, it can also be worn by those with other ailments such as osteoarthritis. It can be used prophylactically by those patients with a high risk of injury, such as runners.

Aircast Walking Boot Size Chart

01EF-XS Up to 4 Up to 5 XS
01EF-S 4 - 7 5 - 8 S
01EF-M 7 - 10 8 - 11 M
01EF-L 10 - 13 11 - 15 L
01EF-XL 13+ 15+ XL

Aircast AirSelect Standard Specifications:

  XS   13.6" / 34.5cm    3.4" / 8.6cm    3.8" / 9.7cm    4.0" / 10.2cm
  S   14.8" / 37.6cm    3.6" / 9.1cm    4.2" / 10.7cm    4.25" / 10.8cm
  M   16.0" / 40.6cm    4.1" / 10.4cm    4.6" / 11.7cm    5.0" / 12.7cm
  L   17.4" / 44.2cm    4.5" / 11.4cm    5.0" / 12.7cm    5.0" / 12.7cm
  XL   18.2" / 46.3cm    5.0" / 12.7cm    5.5" / 14.0cm    5.5" / 14.0cm


Buy Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot

Aircast Airselect Standard Walking Boot is the best choice for foot, ankle, and leg injuries. These braces are designed to reduce the pressure on your joints by adding an extra layer of protection where you need it most. With different sizes available, these boots will fit and provide the right level of support and comfort for any injury or condition. 

Halo Healthcare offers a wide variety of comfortable and effective orthopedic support devices to aid your needs. Check now which product suits you most and add it to your cart.

Get comfortable during injury and recovery phase with Aircast AirSelect Standard Walking Boot.


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