Airgo Adjustable Aluminum Cane -  DRI-730-250
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Airgo Adjustable Aluminum Cane

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Airgo Adjustable Aluminum Cane

Canes are helpful assistive devices intended to help walk when dealing with pain or weakness. It allows the person to walk independently while feeling safe and comfortable even when doing daily activities. But there are many canes to choose from, so you got to know which one suits your need.

Airgo offers a revolutionary product to help people with walking disabilities, an aluminum cane, adjustable to a person's need. In contrast to other walking aids, these adjustable canes are lightweight and cost-efficient. Airgo cane is a type of C straight canes made of anodized aluminum, making it resistant to corrosion and wear, giving an extreme long span of usage.  

Features Of Airgo Adjustable Aluminum Cane

  • It has a vinyl hand grip
  • It has an anti-rattle lock and metal insert
  • It has a rubber tip
  • Unisex style

Design of Aluminum Cane

When choosing the right cane, you must consider the cane's height, for a long cane is hard to pick and move, while a short cane will make you lean on one side, losing your balance.

This aluminum cane is designed to adjust to fit the proper angle for your elbow and height. It also comes in a vinyl curved handgrip which is highly durable and useful. This adjustable cane is equipped with an anti-rattle lock and metal inserts that make you feel safe; it also has a non-skin rubber insert to protect the cane tip and prevent you from getting slipped. It is designed with a metallic appearance that can be used by men and women.

Specification Of Airgo Cane

This lightweight aluminum cane has a 250-pound weight capacity and is adjustable in length, making it perfect for individuals of all heights.

Benefits Of Adjustable Cane

Airgo adjustable aluminum cane is an excellent tool for anyone who has limited mobility. It offers stability by being adjusted in height, depending on the individual’s needs. This means that it can accommodate people of all different sizes, whether tall or short. The adjustable aluminum cane has a comfortable handle, making it easy to grip and hold onto when walking with it; it can also be easily hanged when not used. It has a pliable rubber tip that grips the floor and helps provide traction on most surfaces.

Buy Airgo Adjustable Aluminum Cane

Walking with a 'one size fits all' cane isn't always the best option because it doesn't work for everyone. Airgo adjustable aluminum cane can be adjusted up or down depending on the user's height, so you don’t have to worry at all.

Halo Healthcare offers wide range of Airgo canes in Canada and US; check other products to see which can help you ease your daily living.

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