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Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pillow

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Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pillow 

Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning during long flights or car rides trying to find the best position to sleep? If so, the Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pilow may be the perfect solution for you! This pillow is designed to help you get a good night's sleep in many ways; and best of all, it's easy to use and carry. 

Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pillow is a novel device that will help improve the comfort of sleeping while in the midst of traveling. It is designed to comfortably support the head and neck of its users, providing added support and preventing tension on the neck muscles. With this neck pillow, you can have an upgraded sleep class, making you forget that you are not sleeping at home. 

Features of Airway Surgical Travel Pillow 

  • TRAVEL PILLOW REDESIGNED – First, a metal frame to provide support. Then, high-quality memory foam to pad from the frame and keep your head and face unbelievable comfortable 
  • FIVE SLEEP MODES - Dozing mode, Snoozing Mode, Table Nap Mode, Deep Sleep Mode, and Deep Sleep Side Mode. Any way you prefer, you can travel in comfort whether on an airplane, train, or car 
  • NO MORE GIMMICKS - Say goodbye to the embarrassing gimmick travel pillows! No more pillows or ostrich pillows. You don't need to look silly to be comfortable 
  • EASY TO CARRY - The same strap that helps you get into Deep Sleep Mode doubles as an easy carry strap. Now you can clip the FaceCradle onto your bag or carry it over your shoulder 
  • Color: Black and Grey 

Design of Airway Surgical Travel Neck Pillow 

Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pillow is one of the best inventions for people who often find themselves on long rides. It is a comfortable pillow designed to cradle your face while you sleep, allowing you to get a good night's rest without worrying about your head bobbing up and down. It features a new design that combines a metal frame with high-quality memory foam to create a pillow that is both supportive and comfortable. The metal frame ensures its safety and durability while the memory foam is designed to contour to your head and face, providing maximum comfort for long flights or car rides. It also comes with a strap that you can use to attach on the head rest of the chair for a more convenient way of sleeping; this strap also functions as a carrying handle for this device. 

This Airway Surgical pillow has five modes to choose from, including dozing mode, snoozing mode, table nap mode, deep sleep mode, and deep sleep side mode. So, no matter what position of sleeping you prefer, this neck pillow can accommodate you. Additionally, this travel pillow is designed lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It is also available in black and gray colors, so you can choose which suits you best. 

Benefits of Airway Surgical PCP Facecradle Travel Pillow 

  • It can help you avoid neck pain or headaches. 
  • It can help keep you calm while traveling. 
  • It can helpreduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep. 
  • It can help improve your quality of sleep. 

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