Airway Surgical Truform Thigh High Closed Toe Stockings Unisex 20-30 mmHg -  AWS-8868
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Airway Surgical Truform Thigh High Closed Toe Stockings Unisex 20-30 mmHg


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Airway Surgical Truform Thigh High Closed Toe Stockings Unisex 20-30 mmHg

Relieve the pain and symptoms associated with poor blood pressure and circulation in your legs with these thigh-high, closed-toe medical stockings by Airway Surgical Truform. If your work compels you to stand on your feet for hours, take frequent long-haul flights or walk for miles, then you will find our clinically tested compression stockings to be an ideal remedy for pain and fatigue relief.

Fashioned with a unique combination of 20% Spandex and 80% Nylon materials, these medical stockings are tear-resistant, stretchable and breathable. They offer long-lasting comfort and support to your tired feet.

The Airway Surgical Truform stockings provide 20 to 30 mmHg compression to your legs, forcing the blood to flow downwards. This reduces blood clotting in the veins and prevents the appearance of varicose veins.

The nicely defined knit heel that has been integrated into the design of this product enhances the overall fit and keeps the user comfortable for long periods of time. Its innovative design includes silicone dotted top bands that firmly hold the stockings in place and offer a tight fit.

The toe pocket has a roomy construction to allow maximum movement and air circulation for those who are prone to sweating profusely. Its flexible fitting makes it a great option for pregnant women and patients recovering from surgeries.

Surgical Truform stocking’s latex-free fabrication ensures that those who are allergic to latex or rubber now have a much skin-friendly option for their medical needs.

Knitted with neutral-colored fabrics, these compression stockings are perfect for all occasions and suit men and women equally well.

Thigh High Stockings Features

  • Unisex design
  • Tear-resistant and durable Nylon and Spandex material
  • Silicone grip top band hold the stockings firmly in place
  • Medical support hose
  • 20 to 30 mmHg compression
  • Latex-free
  • Made in the USA


The sophisticated, smooth-knit fabric is completely latex-free. These stockings offer a concealing, classic fit all while providing the benefits of medical grade compression.



Knit-in, defined, reinforced heel pocket provides added durability and easy stocking orientation on the foot and leg for a proper, comfortable fit.



The soft, non-restricting open toe is perfect for those who require moderate support as well as an inconspicuous fit for open-toe footwear in the warmer months.



The silicone dot top was carefully designed and tested for ultimate wearing comfort. The silicone dotted band ensures flexible fit that remains in place throughout the day without constricting the leg.


• 0868 20-30 mmHg 

How to measure and apply Thigh High Compression Stockings

SMALL 7" - 8.25" (18 - 21 cm) 11" - 14" (28 - 35.5 cm) UP TO 20" (50.8 cm) UP TO 26" (66 cm)
MEDIUM 8.4" - 9.65" (21.3 - 24.4 cm) 13.5" - 16" (34.3 - 40.6 cm) UP TO 22" (56 cm) UP TO 28" (71 cm)
LARGE 9.75" - 11" (24.7 - 28 cm) 15.5" - 18" (39.4 - 45.7 cm) UP TO 23" (58.4 cm) UP TO 29" (74 cm)
X-LARGE 11.15" - 12.4" (28.2 - 31.4 cm) 17.5" - 20" (44.5 - 50.8 cm) UP TO 24" (61 cm) UP TO 31" (79 cm)
2X-LARGE 12.5" - 13.5" (31.7 - 34.2 cm) 21.5" - 24" (55.2 - 61 cm) UP TO 32" (81.2 cm) UP TO 33" (83.7 cm)


Black line on leg displaying where to measure ankle circumference

Ankle circumference

Black line on leg displaying where to measure calf circumference

Calf Circumference

Black line on leg displaying where to measure thigh circumference

Thigh circumference

Black line on leg displaying where to measure length to thigh

(1) Length to thigh

Thigh High Compression Socks Instructional Video


*For men choose Open Toe style if your shoe size exceeds to following: Small: 7, Medium: 9.5, Large: 11.5, X-Large: 12.5


*Measurements should always be taken as soon as possible after waking when swelling is at its minimum

*Measure against bare skin

*The measuring system is based on having the foot flat against the floor and leg at a right angle to the foot

*Measurements must be taken by pulling the measuring tape snugly around the leg but without constricting the skin

Hands putting rolled up stocking on foot

1. Pull stocking inside out to heel. With thumbs in and fingers out, grasp each side of heel, gently slide over foot until heel pocket is centered over heel.

Hands rolling up end of knee high stocking on leg

2. Begin turning right-side-out. Continue gradually pulling up the leg. For pantyhose: pull past thighs and over hips; adjust for comfort.

Hands smoothing out stocking fabric on leg

3. Remove folds or wrinkles, gently pulling upwards smoothing over leg. Fabric should be smooth and uniform. Do not fold top or waistband over.

Hand clutching end of stocking as it is pulled off a foot

4. Remove by turning “inside out”, gently pulling down to ankle. Insert finger, gently pull over ankle, heel and off the foot.

Medical Applications

Thigh High Open Toe Stockings With Arrow Travelling Up Leg
Diseased Vein Illustration

Healthy Vein

Carries large volumes of blood back to the heart against gravity

Diseased Vein

Unhealthy backward flow can compromise blood vessels, causing unsightly conditions and discomfort

Compression Level Medical Indications Common Usage
Ease Of Application
20-30 mmHg
• Tired, aching legs
• Moderate varicosities
• Moderate varicosities during pregnancy
• Moderate edema
• Post sclerotherapy and other surgery
• Help prevent recurrence of venous ulcerations
• Superficial thrombophlebitis
Moderate swelling or lymphedema, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), post-surgery, pregnancy, moderate varicose veins – prescription recommended (Seldom recommended for the diabetic patient.) May require mild to moderate effort

FIRM / 20-30 MMHG 

Moderate swelling or lymphedema, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), postsurgery, pregnancy, moderate varicose veins – prescription recommended (Seldom recommended for the diabetic patient.)

Thigh High Socks Design and Care

Sheer pantyhose with arrows pointing out Truform's 6 Points of Compression at the ankle, lower calf, mid-calf, fibular head, mid-thigh, and proximal thigh

Truform's 6 Points of Compression

 Truform measures support values at precise locations along the length of the stocking - 4 points for below knee, 6 points for thigh length and pantyhose styles. These measurements help insure that the compression or support knit in to the stocking is distributed properly along the length of the leg – greatest at the ankle, reducing upwards toward the heart. 


 Multiple measurements guarantee that all Truform legwear styles are comfortable to wear, and provide the proper amount of elastic compression therapy, in all the right places. Graduated compression stockings, when properly sized and fit, are designed to help improve circulation, which in turn, will help soothe tired, heavy legs, reduce swelling, and relieve varicose veins.

Thigh High Open Toe Stockings

Washing and Care

Wash gently with mild soap or detergent in lukewarm or cold water. Do not wring or twist. Rinse until water is clear. Roll in a towel to remove excess moisture. Dry flat away from heat and sunlight.



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