Alarm Clocks

Talking Alarm Clock

A talking alarm clock is an electronic device that has a built-in speaker and to be able to talk to the user. It typically warns the person to wake up or tells them how much time they have left before their alarm goes off.

The talking alarm clock uses the voice of a specific person, either digitally generated or recorded, who talks to the user.

Super Loud Alarm Clock

A super loud alarm clock can be effective for waking up in the morning and getting the day started, but it is noisy enough to startle a person out of a deep sleep.

The goal of this invention is to awaken those who are hard of hearing.





HoMedics Deep Sleep Revitalize Alarm Clock

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HoMedics Deep Sleep Revitalize Alarm Clock The HoMedics Deep Sleep Revitalize Alarm Clock uses white noise and nature sounds to help you relax and sleep better. HoMedics Deep Sleep Revitalize Features 4 adjustable white noise tones (white,...

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