Alcohol Pads

Alcohol Pads

Alcohol pads are used to clean the skin with an astringent solution. The solution not only cleanses the skin but it also has a drying effect that helps prevent the skin from getting irritated by other substances.

Alcohol pads can help provide clean, sterile wound care for burns and wounds.

Alcohol pads are a quick and easy way to keep a wound clean and sterile. They can be used to treat minor burns, scrapes, rashes, or other skin irritations. Alcohol pads should never be used on open wounds or areas of the skin where there is pain, swelling, redness or fluid build-up. In addition to being a powerful disinfectant, alcohol also has a drying effect.

Alcohol Pads Uses

Alcohol pads are mainly used for cleaning open wounds, crushing insect bites, or disinfecting surfaces like countertops or door handles. It is important to remember, however, that alcohol may dry out the skin and make it more susceptible to injury.


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