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Amoena 326 Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN Breast Form Ivory

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Amoena 326 Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN Breast Form Ivory

Amoena Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN Breast Form Ivory is a great problem solver for women who are HALF SIZES, gaining or losing weight on a cycle, a really concave chest wall, a concave area, younger women who have breast swelling during their cycle.

After a mastectomy the scar area is usually uneven that makes it challenging for some women to find the right fit for them but the adapt air breast form is the solution to all those challenges.

Prosthetics Bras Allow Women to

  • Pursue an active life with the all-day comfort of a lightweight, soft breast form that reduces perspiration behind the form
  • Get a fine-tuned fit tailored perfectly to their unique silhouette and scar area 
  • Feel confident, comfortable and carefree with the perfect fit


Please note that the price is listed per form (not per pair). So if you need the breast form for both sides, please order 2!

Breast Form Additional Info

  • After a mastectomy the scars may still be swollen, requiring a form that does not put pressure on this sensitive area and will fit well after swelling subsides
  • Some women may be between sizes or volumes 
  • Weight fluctuations due to hormones or medication are quite common and mean some breast forms do not always fit perfectly 
  • For some bra styles it may be necessary to fine-tune the volume of the breast form to achieve a perfect silhouette

Breast Form Fitting Process

  • Some women are unsatisfied with the fit of their current breast form, even after a fitting 
  • A breast form that fits well at first may not after a few months 
  • Women appreciate a breast form that gives better skin contact and a more personalized fit

This Unique breast form solves all your problems.

Silicone Breast Form Features:

  • Individually Adjustable: The Breast form is easier to adjust by simply adding and releasing air.
  • Close to the Body: It provides close and comfortable fit and adapt to different breast shapes.
  • Visual Symmetry: Because of it's unique fitting style to every shape and bra style, it provides a life-enhancing symmetrical silhouette.
  • Light Weight: In Touch Light silicone and air chamber technology makes the breast form up to 25%-40% lighter.
  • Pleasant Skin Sensation: It provides all day comfort by maintaining ideal body temperature using the Temperature-equalizing Comfort+ technology.
  • Color Available: Ivory
  • Sizes: 1-14
  • Accessory: Includes a personal pump.

See larger sizing chart image here

Breast Form Care Instructions 

(For best results, use Amoena Soft Cleanser):

  • Wet your form and add a few drops of cleanser (it's very concentrated)
  • Add water and hand wash - the more water you add, the more bubbles you'll get
  • Rinse and towel dry
  • Daily washing is not required unless it's warmer weather (possibility of more sweat)

 Feel comfortable and confident all day with Amoena 326 Adapt Air Xtra Light 2SN Breast Form Ivory.

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