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Amoena Performance Sports Bra

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Amoena Performance Sports Bra

The Amoena Performance Sports Bra is an ideal garment to wear for support during intense exercise sessions. It helps maintain the shape of the breast as well as the integrity of the breast wall. Vigorous exercising can cause breast ligaments to stretch and tear. Moreover, it causes sagging, drooping breasts and much of this damage is almost irreversible.

However, the right sports bra can help prevent this problem from occurring in the first place. Today, wearing sports bra is no longer limited to exercising. You can easily put the Amoena Performance Sports Bra at work or while lounging at home, cleaning or running around basic errands or house chores on a daily basis.

The adjustable elastic band of this product allows users to customize it as per their preference.  The adjustable padded straps offer maximum support to your breasts and help the bra hold your breasts in place without making them feel uncomfortable and squashed. Give the Amoena Performance Sports Bra a try today and enjoy your workout sessions to the fullest without worrying about sagging and painful breasts!

Highlighted Features

  • The Amoena Performance Sports Bra is a medium support sports bra
  • It comes with an adjustable elastic band that offers a snug and comfortable fit
  • The mesh side and back panels offer incredible moisture control
  • The adjustable padded straps provide added comfort
  • The Amoena Performance Sports Bra comes with three rows of hook and eye closures
  • The bilateral pockets help hold breast form or shaper when required
  • This product is available in six different band sizes:
    • 32 inches
    • 34 inches
    • 36 inches
    • 38 inches
    • 40 inches
    • 42 inches
  • Colors: Black, White, Nude
  • Cup Sizes: AA - DD

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