Arm Sling

Arm Sling

An arm sling is a medical device used as an alternative to a cast. It is designed to immobilize the arm without restricting circulation. The sling provides support for the upper arm and enables wearer to use the hand on the side of their healthy arm.

Arm Sling Advantages

It is useful in aiding the healing process because it prevents movement of the patient's arm, which may lead to injury or muscle strain. It can also provide support to the shoulder and prevent it from slipping out of the joint caused by gravity.


ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling


ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling ProCare Blue Vogue Arm Sling is made with durable cotton that provides patient with comfort and custom fit. ProCare Arm Sling Features Fully padded 2" wide foam strap with contact closure and D-Rings for easy adjustment...

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Carex Univeral Arm Sling

$15.95 $12.25

Carex Univeral Arm Sling The Carex Universal Arm Sling is designed to supports the arm for recovery from surgery, sprains or fractures. Sling for Arm Features Fits both adults & youths Can be used on left or right arm Adjustable strap for...

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Airway Surgical

Airway Surgical OTC KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling

$22.00 $19.65

Airway Surgical OTC KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling KidsLine Cradle Arm Sling Champion KidsLine braces and supports are cut and assembled to follow the same anatomically correct profile as our popular adult versions, but are right sized to fit a smaller frame...

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Universal Arm Sling

$32.00 $21.50

Drive Medical Universal Arm Sling This Universal sling supports the arm for recuperation from fractures, sprains, or surgery of arm or hand. Universal Arm Sling Features: Ideally sized for both adults and youths to fit either arm Comes with an...

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