Australian Sheepskin Apparel Bed Wrap 12" x 30" | SKU: ASA-BWM1| UPC: 872003000031
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Australian Sheepskin Apparel Medical Bed Wrap

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Australian Sheepskin Apparel Medical Bed Wrap

If you want a therapy product that can be with you at bedtime, then Australian Sheepskin Apparel Medical Bed Wrap is the right one for you. It is made of sheepskin, naturally warm and soft, making it a great addition to your bed. Not only will this bed wrap make you more comfortable, but it will also help keep your body temperature regulated. This sheepskin on the bed helps prevent pressure sores and is particularly helpful for those with bedridden ailments. It can evenly distribute weight and smooth out the unwanted stresses on sensitive body areas. It's the best support anyone can have for both daily activity and recovery after surgery or an injury.

Medical Bed Wrap Features

  • The Australian Sheepskin Apparel Bed Wrap absorbs moisture rapidly, reduces shearing, and offers maximum relief from pressure.
  • This product is extremely comfortable and effectively helps prevent and treat wounds.
  • The amazing texture of this wrap allows users to enjoy immense support and a rich feel.
  • The green color of this medical bed wrap indicates that it is of medical grade and can be laundered at high temperatures required in thermal disinfection.
  • It was specifically designed to help users save millions of dollars by treating and preventing bed sores.
  • The wrap rapidly absorbs excess moisture, allowing the user to enjoy a warm and dry experience while facilitating natural healing.
  • The medical-grade merino wool sheepskin construction helps resist unpleasant residual odors and unwanted staining,
  • Size: 12 x 30 inches

Medical Bed Wrap Benefits

This medical sheepskin can provide many benefits to people who sit or lie on them for a long time. Some of its benefits are:

  • It can help reduce pressure, friction, and moisture - the primary causes of bed ulcers.
  • It can provide a cushion to distribute and relieve coercion.
  • It is hypoallergic, so it is gentle to the skin.
  • It can be easily stored and carried comfortably while on the go.
  • It can last for years with its durability.

Natural Healer

This wrap is made from the fleece of sheep and is known for its healing properties. Its fantastic feature can naturally help soothe and heal wounds, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. This healing product can help regulate body temperature, making it an excellent choice for those who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes.

Excellent Moist Absorber

This Bed wrap is a natural moist absorbent; it can rapidly dissipate moisture away from the source, which helps alleviates discomfort to immobile patients from perspiration and eliminates moisture build-up at the pressure points. The bed wrap's fibers can absorb up to 34% of their dry weight in moisture without feeling damp, keeping users dry and comfortable.

Medical-Grade Wrap

This Australian Sheepskin Apparel Medical Bed Wrap has versatile pressure reduction for heels, coccyx, and shoulders, making it a must-have for those with different kinds of body pain. It is constructed using medical-grade merino wool, which comes in a green dye, indicating that it can undergo high temperatures for thermal disinfection. This fabric naturally helps resist unpleasant residual odors and unwanted staining and can be washed frequently, ensuring users can have a clean and comfortable bed wrap.

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