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Shower Bathtub Mat


AquaSense Bath Mat with Temperature Indicator

$34.99 $28.99

AquaSense Bath Mat with Temperature Indicator The AquaSense Bath Mat has a built in temperature indicator that will show if the water is too hot, too cold, or just right. Features & Benefits: Accuracy is within 1 degree 300+ suction cups...


Invacare Bath Mat


Invacare Bath Mat If you are looking for some bathroom safety products, then the Invacare Bath Mat might be the ideal product to purchase. It is a perfect way to prevent slipping and unnecessary falls in the shower. While all showers are not extremely...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Bath Mat

$32.75 $24.99

AC1108 Bath Mat Drive Medical Product Description: Drive Medical's non-slip bath mat holds securely to your tub with multiple suction cups, allowing for a slip-free bathing experience. The non-slip bath mat provides a large and secure surface area in the...

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