BD Ultra Fine III Insulin Pen Needles 5mm 31G -  BD-320145
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BD Ultra Fine III Insulin Pen Needles 5mm 31G

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BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles 5mm 31G

Do you have a needle phobia but need to get your shot of insulin? Then BD Ultra-Fine III insulin pen needles 5mm 31G are perfect for you! These needles are specially designed to be minimally invasive and provide a lesser pain injection experience. They also have a very fine point, which makes them easy to inject, ideal for people with a needle phobia or those who are thin or muscular; plus, using these BD Ultra Fine pen needles prevents the need to get pinched up when administered as some other needles do.  These BD Insulin Pen Needles are some of the thinnest insulin needles on the market. At 5mm, they are long enough to give a smooth injection but short enough so that you don't have to worry about hitting a blood vessel, whiles its 31G needle diameter means that these needles are extremely thin, making them less painful than other options. So, if you don't want to deal with the pain and hassle of a needle, try these BD Ultra-Fine needles 5mm!

 Ultra Fine III Insulin Pen Needles Features

  • Optimal point geometry for maximum comfort
  • Pen needles are coated with a micro-bonded lubricant for smoother injection.
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, no latex
  • Manufactured with surgical grade stainless steel

 Ultra Fine III Insulin Pen Needles Specifications

  • Box of 100

Ultra Fine III Insulin Pen Needles Benefits

These BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles 5mm 31G are a fantastic choice for those with diabetes. They offer numerous benefits, including: 

  • A shorter length than traditional needles, which makes them more comfortable to use
  • A finer gauge that allows for more precise insulin delivery
  • A beveled tip, which helps to reduce pain and discomfort upon injection

All these features work together to provide a smoother and more comfortable injection experience for the user. In addition, these BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles come in a box of 100, so you will have lots of on-hand stocks. They are also very affordable, making them an excellent value for anyone looking for an improved insulin injection experience.  

Optimal Point Geometry

BD Ultra Fine 5mm is designed with a unique point geometry intended to provide maximum comfort for users. This needle length is shorter than the standard size, making it a more comfortable option for those fearing injections. The smaller diameter also allows for a gentler injection, which is ideal for individuals with delicate skin.

Smooth Injection

These BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles are easier to use thanks to their micro-bonded lubricant. This lubricant helps the needle glide smoothly through the skin, making it more comfortable for you to inject insulin. Additionally, this lubricant also helps to keep the pen needle functioning smoothly and ensures accuracy when injecting insulin.  

Safe and Non-Allergenic

Looking for a quality insulin pen needle that won't cause any irritation? BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles are perfect for those with delicate skin. These non-toxic, non-pyrogenic needles are also latex-free, making them ideal for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Durable Stainless Steel

BD Ultra-Fine III Insulin Pen Needles are manufactured with durable surgical-grade stainless steel, making them strong and less likely to break. The thin, 5mm diameter needle is 31G in size, which makes it perfect for those with diabetes who require a finer needle for injections. And since it is made using stainless steel, these needles won't corrode or rust over time.    

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