Bed Wetting Alarms

Bed Wetting Alarms

Bed wetting alarms are technological devices that are used to detect the presence of urine in the bed. Once they sense that there is currently no user, they emit a noise or vibrate, providing a warning that may prompt the individual to not sleep soundly through the night.

This device does not cure bedwetting, but it can prevent this behavior from continuing by reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging good habits.

Bed Wetting Alarms Benefits

Bed wetting alarms allow for a more gentle, non-intrusive way to help those with bedwetting issues. It starts with an easy to use alarm that the individual has set themselves. When they need to go pee at night, they can set off the alarm and then get up and do their business before returning back to bed.

The more that the individual goes through this process, the less likely they will be to wet their bed during sleep.

AMG Medical

DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm

$189.99 $152.90

DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm The DRI Sleeper Excel Bed Wetting Alarm has been proven successful in reducing and ending bed wetting for children and adults. Over time, the brain will be trained to wake up as bladder pressure increases. Bed...

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NiteTrain-R® Bedwetting Alarm

$172.99 $136.95

NiteTrain-R® Bedwetting Alarm Nite Train-r® wearable alarms have been redesigned to be even more reliable. They are gender specific and come with moisture sensor pads which are uniquely shaped to fit a boy’s or girl’s anatomy to...

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