Biatain Alginate Ag
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Biatain Alginate Ag


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SeaSorb Ag Alginate Dressing with Silver by Coloplast is a unique mix of high G (guluronic acid) and highly absorbent carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) with the addition of an ionic silver complex, which releases silver ions in the presence of wound exudate. As exudate is absorbed, the dressing forms a soft, cohesive gel that intimately conforms to the wound surface. Silver ions protect the dressing from a broad spectrum of microorganisms over a period of up to 4 days. Superior Absorption & Exudate Management: Absorbency of SeaSorb-Ag is 33% higher than the leading silver dressing. Fast vertical absorption minimizes maceration to the periwound area. High retention locks exudate away, minimizing maceration. Maintains an optimal moist wound healing environment.Antimicrobial Properties: SeaSorb-Ag provides an effective, sustained release of silver for up to four days. An independent Zone of Inhibition (ZOI) laboratory test confirms SeaSorb-Ag exerts antimicrobial effect over common bacteria for a specified period of time.Allows Intact removal: SeaSorb-Ag maintains its structural integrity when wet and can be removed in one piece. Intact removal is preceived as a benefit to clinicians - due to the fact that no fibers are left behind.Reduces Odor: Odor in wounds is primarily caused by bacteria. SeaSorb-Ag provides an antibacterial barrier to combat bacteria absorbed in the wound exudate, therefore reducing odor.

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