Adult Bibs for Spill Protection and Easy Cleanup

This selection of bibs for adults helps reduce your weekly laundry load. There’s nothing more disappointing than spilling food on a brand-new outfit, much less your favourite shirt.

Terry Cloth Bibs for Comfortable Protection

Of the selection below there are adult bibs made with terry cloth. These are super absorbent and have a texture that won’t be rough against your skin as you wear it.

All of the options also offer full protection. They don’t just cover the chest but extend to also protect your stomach and lap from any spillage that may occur. This helps lower the amount of clothes that need cleaning.

Full Protection with Waterproof Mealtime Protector

The waterproof bib from Priva uses a vinyl backing that protects you from liquid leaking through the bib onto your clothes while also helping prevent scalding from hot foods.

The front of this bib is an absorbent fabric that helps soak up any food that is spilt so all you need to do is throw the bib in the wash when you’re finished.

Reusable Bib

The bibs below are all machine washable for ease of use that saves money. You don’t have to worry about harming the environment with disposable napkins and bibs while having the added benefit of the absorbent and protective fabric materials.

They each have adjustable closures with some having multiple types you can choose from. This helps ensure you find the right fit that’s both comfortable and effective.

Mobb Healthcare

MOBB White Terry Cloth Bib


MOBB White Terry Cloth Bib Bib becomes a necessity for many caregivers. It can save them a lot of time spent cleaning up spills and stains after snack or lunchtime is over. There are various types of adult bibs in the market, but not many are as easy...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Terry Cloth Crumb Catcher

$32.95 $22.85

Drive Medical Terry Cloth Crumb Catcher The Drive Medical Terry Cloth Crumb Catcher helps to keep your clothes clean and mess free while eating.  Adult Bibs Features Machine washable Size: 27" x 18" Protector and pocket lined to repel...

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Dining Scarf - Navy and Charcoal

$24.95 $19.95

Drive Medical Dining Scarf - Navy and Charcoal The multi-functional Dining Scarf is a simple, discreet and stylish way to protect clothing from any messy situation. With a built-in crumb catcher, floors are kept clean so you’ll always remain safe...

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