3 Benefits of Arthritis Gloves

Posted by on 2021 May 31st

3 Benefits of Arthritis Gloves

If you have arthritis, wearing arthritis gloves can help reduce inflammation and pain in your hands, allowing you to re-discover your mobility.

One of the most common healthcare issues faced by people around the world is arthritis. Arthritis causes inflammation and pain around the joints. This results in stiffness and can significantly limit your mobility. Luckily, arthritis gloves can help.

Although arthritis isn't curable, it can sometimes be managed to the point of minimal interference in your everyday life. One of the quickest and most affordable ways to do this is by using Arthritis Gloves.

Let's go over how you can use this method to combat your arthritis.

3 Benefits of Arthritis Gloves

benefits of arthritis gloves

What are Arthritis Gloves?

Arthritis gloves resemble ordinary gloves you may use in the winter season - although the function of these gloves isn't just to keep your hands warm. Arthritis gloves work in multiple ways and are recommended by experts to manage arthritis pain and mobility. Using these gloves can reduce the pain and inflammation, boosting your hand's dexterity.

How do arthritis gloves work?

One of the primary ways these gloves help with arthritis is by generating heat. Thermal gloves are often preferred for arthritis patients. These gloves generate heat, providing comfort and reducing your pain. Many occupational therapists recommend using these gloves, as they do not have any harmful impact on the body. The heat generated may be minimal, but it is beneficial for smooth blood flow throughout the affected area.

Another benefit of arthritis gloves is the pressure they provide. Compression gloves put even pressure on the hands. This helps remarkably well with finger and joint pain. Compression also aids in healthy blood circulation.

Benefits of Arthritis Gloves

1. Increased Movement

Arthritis gloves restore the movement in your hand muscles. Without these gloves, the swelling and pain can cause your hand dexterity to decrease.

2. Controlled Inflammation

When arthritis gloves are used regularly, inflammation in your hands is also reduced. Over time, you will notice your hands will have inflammation and stiffness.

3. Simple Management Option

Using gloves is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage arthritis symptoms in your hands. It doesn't require any invasive or expensive procedures, making it ideal for most people. Additionally, arthritis gloves are easy to put on and take off to get relief when you need it most.

Feeling for pain on elderly persons wrist

Points to note before using arthritis gloves:

Does glove size matter?

Yes, it is crucial to choose the right size to ensure a correct fit. Selecting gloves that are too tight or too loose will not allow the gloves to work to their fullest extent. If you choose a size that is too small, it may become challenging for you to remove the gloves in case of swelling. Additionally, a glove that is too large will not provide the needed pressure and head to reduce your pain and swelling.

How long should I wear arthritis gloves for?

Arthritis gloves do not provide instant relief - although it does feel better after wearing the gloves for a few minutes. For the maximum impact of these gloves, it is essential to wear them for a longer duration and not remove them regularly. Generally, occupational therapists recommend using gloves for eight hours.

Can I wear arthritis gloves to sleep?

Yes, since you can wear arthritis gloves for long periods, you can wear them to sleep and wake up without worrying about arthritis pain.

Should I wear arthritis gloves during the day?

Although nighttime is a perfect time for gloves, you can also try to wear them during the day. This can make completing your daily tasks a much more comfortable experience. You will be able to achieve more muscle fluidity and experience less pain.

The best arthritis gloves are the ones with the right material and the right fit for you. There are many on the market, however, there are two that we recommend above the rest. The  IMAK Arthritis gloves and the Core Products Swede-O Thermal Arthritis Gloves are our top choices. Both of these gloves have received multiple 5-star reviews from our customers.

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Summing Up

Arthritis gloves are an affordable and effective way to manage arthritis pain in your hands, reduce inflammation and give you mobility back. If you need arthritis gloves, check these models out here:

IMAK Arthritis Gloves

Core Products Swede-O Thermal Arthritis Gloves

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