Your Only Guide to The Best Bedside Commode

Posted by on 2021 Jul 14th

Your Only Guide to The Best Bedside Commode

A bedside commode assists elderly or disabled people with limited mobility use the toilet without going all the way to the bathroom.

It is an essential medical device that looks similar to a chair. It assists children and adults who are confined to a bed or are disabled and cannot use the toilet without the help of a caregiver. Placing a commode near your bed will save you the long trip to the bathroom if you wake up during your sleep. It is not attached to the plumbing and can be cleaned easily after every use.

We have made a list of several different types of bedside commodes to accommodate different needs and budgets. Read more to learn about our commode suggestions and pick the one most suited for your needs.

Your Guide to The Best Bedside Commode

Best bedside commode

Transport Chair Commode

A Transport Chair Commode is a portable commode chair that comes with wheels. It is ideal for you if you have mobility issues. This wheelchair-like commode can easily be transferred from one place to another. It comes with padded armrests and seat to offer extra comfort and added stability. Additionally, it has swing-away footrests that come with support straps to help keep your legs secure. Allowing you to sit with ease, even for long durations. The commode bucket is durable and detachable, making it easy to clean. 

The primary features of this commode chair with wheels are:

  • Removable and padded vinyl seat
  • Vinyl and padded drop-arms
  • Swing-away footrest with a calf strap
  • Deep bucket with handles

MOBB Healthcare Steel Commode with Wheels

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Uplift Commode

If you are elderly or have limited arm and leg strength, you can use these commodes comfortably and independently. These commodes allow you to have the confidence to use them on your own. This two-in-one commode can be placed on the bedside or double as a commode chair over the toilet. The lift mechanism of the commode slowly adds height to make sure that you are comfortable. The lift comes with a lock mechanism that gives optimal security to you. The rubber tips on all four legs of the chair ensure extra safety and sturdiness. 

Below you will find the primary features of this uplift commode:

  • Adjusted height with a lift function
  • Durable and removable bucket
  • Padded seats for comfort
  • Easy to clean frame

Carex Uplift Commode Assist

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Stationary Commode

As the name suggests, this bedside commode is stationary. It is designed to maximize comfort and affordability. The steel frame is extra wide so you do not have to squeeze into a tight space. Detachable armrests and a quick one-finger maneuver, creating even more space. Furthermore, this bedside commode can be accessed from either side, making the use and cleaning process more efficient. This commode can also serve the purpose of a bathroom safety frame and a commode chair over the toilet due to its sturdy design. 

Here are the top features of this stationary commode:

  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • comes with a weight capacity of 700 lbs
  • Detachable back support
  • Steady armrests that can be detached

AMG Medical Bariatric Drop Arm Commode

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Shower commode

This chair is a one-stop solution for you if you have limited mobility. It offers a simplified solution to all your hygiene requirements. This shower commode chair comes with wheels that enable easy movement from one place to another and can be locked in place for sturdiness. Furthermore, the wheels make it easier to position yourself in the shower, reducing unnecessary movement. The elevated seat can be placed over the toilet, easing the pressure on the knees.

This type of shower commode chair is specifically designed to offer exceptional comfort due to its padded armrests and seat. The easy swing-away footrest makes it even more comfortable to get in and out of the chair. These features make it comfortable and painless to use the shower commode for longer durations. This chair comes with multiple features that make it an ideal medical device for individuals dealing with mobility issues. One feature is that it can even be used as a bedside commode since it comes with an easy-to-clean bucket. The bucket is detachable, making it simple to maintain proper hygiene. 

Here are the primary features of the shower commode:

  • Rust free aluminum frame
  • Padded armrests and seat
  • Swing-away footrest attachment
  • Wheels with lock-in mechanism

Drive Medical Wheeled Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair

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To sum it up

Bedside commodes make sure that you can continue to exercise your independence without the need to depend upon others for your basic needs. They allow you to maintain your dignity when it comes to attending nature’s call. They are also a great way to ensure those bathroom accidents are reduced, and you can have a pain-free experience every time while using the bathroom without the aid of others. If you have limited mobility, you already have a lot on your plate, and bedside commodes are one way to simplify your life.