How to Find Relaxation Through Self Care

Posted by on 2021 Feb 18th

How to Find Relaxation Through Self Care

Worried about tomorrow's workday or trying to decompress after a stressful day of running around? Follow our simple guide for finding relaxation through self-care.

Too much tension is not a good thing for your health - it can cause physical stiffness in your body and lead to mental health problems such as anxiety. Anxiety can also lead to very real health problems such as aches, pain, and heart disease.

We all need relaxation techniques either organic or learned to help our bodies and minds cope with stress.

Keep reading to learn how you can experience more relaxation in your life using simple techniques and tools.

How to Achieve Physical and Mental Relaxation

The secret to reducing stress is to develop relaxation techniques and having tools at hand that are right for you.

These techniques should be focused on reducing both physical and mental stress. Physical stress is achieved by relaxing your muscles and muscle groups. Mental stress reduction, on the other hand, is achieved by having periods of mental peace that are free of distractions. Relaxation can involve enjoying a hobby or exercise, such as doing a puzzle or taking a walk. Also, having massage and relaxation tools at hand is a great secret weapon in your journey to wellness.

These tools can include anything that helps relieve the tension from everyday life. It can be as simple as picking up a good book, having a relaxing bath, or sitting by a diffuser with your favourite scent quietly looking at old family photographs. The key to relaxation is developing personal methods of decreasing the effects of stress on your mind and body.

Introducing Relaxus Products

We have found a great little Canadian company from Vancouver, BC, called Relaxus Products (founded in 1992), that has a collection of wellness products designed to help you take a moment to breathe and become stress-free.

Relaxus offers simple items such as a foot roller to more elaborate items like a full body massage mat. The thing that impresses us most about Relaxus products is that they are reasonably priced, simple and easy to use, and rooted in both modern and ancient relaxation techniques.

4 Relaxus Products to Help You Feel More Relaxed

1. Relaxus Aroma Mist Vase Essential Oil Diffuser

The Relaxus Aroma Mist Vase Essential Oil Diffuser is simple and easy to use and is not only relaxing, but also humidifies the air. Life can wait, pick your favourite essential oil and relax.

2. Relaxus Cozy Neck Massager

Simply press the on button and the Relaxus Cozy Neck Massager's cozy cover embraces you in soothing vibrations. It is cordless and portable and has two speeds. It can soothe your neck and shoulders, legs or back after a busy day.

3. Relaxus Heated Lavender Eye Mask

The Relaxus Heated Lavender Eye Mask is filled with relaxing lavender and can be either heated or chilled.

4. Relaxus Harmony Balls Set

Relaxus also has a selection of harmony balls to allow you to practice Jingluo (aka Jingmai) in Chinese medicine. Simply rotate these balls in your fingers of one hand to hear the quiet soothing chimes. The belief is that your fingers are energy channels to your vital organs.

Where to Buy Relaxus Products carries a wide range of Relaxus relaxation products to help you unwind after a long day. In addition to the above products, Relaxus' range of products includes stress balls, foot rollers, a Zen Pendulum, yoga eco mats, lavender eye masks, massagers, aromatherapy and diffusers and much more.

In addition to their relaxation products, Relaxus has a wide range of other products designed to make you happier, healthier, more energized and inspired.

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