How to Set Up Your MOBB Aluminum Folding Rollator 8" Wheels

Posted by on 2020 Dec 2nd

How to Set Up Your MOBB Aluminum Folding Rollator 8" Wheels

Have you just purchased the MOBB Aluminum Folding Rollator with 8" wheels, or are planning to soon? This easy guide will walk you through the entire setup process.

How to Set Up Your MOBB Aluminum Folding Rollator 8" Wheels

If you struggle with balance or simple mobility tasks such as walking, it might be time to consider getting a walker or rollator. Not only will this help you perform your daily activities with more ease, but it will also allow you to regain your independence.

Now, you must choose the right walker or rollator for your needs. Take the time to review the different types of mobility aids and consult your healthcare professional if you have any specific questions.

In this post, we'll be sharing setup instructions for one of our top-rated and best-selling rollators, the Mobb Aluminum Folding Rollator with 8" Wheels. Keep reading for the full tutorial!

Blue MOBB Aluminum Walker

Is the Mobb Aluminum Folding Rollator - 8” Wheels Right For You?

The Mobb Aluminum Folding Rollator with 8" wheels is ideal for patients who require a walker that provides maximum balance and immense support. 

If you are suffering from mid or lower-back area pain, arthritis, muscle weakness, sciatica, deteriorating balance, decreased stamina or any other related afflictions, this Aluminum Folding Rollator might be just what you need. Not only does it help with common balance and walking problems, but it also helps improve mobility to a great extent.

Features & Benefits

The cushioned seat of the rollator is great if you need a short break from walking. Moreover, if you pull the padded seat up, it will reveal a spacious built-in storage that you can use to carry a water bottle or some basic necessities when you are on the go. This rollator also comes with cushioned grip handles that are extremely easy to grasp.

The aluminum construction of this product makes it lightweight, allowing you to carry it with ease. The rollator offers maximum portability as it can be folded flat for easy storage/transport. Additionally, the soft basket also folds with the rollator.

Take a look at these additional features:

  • Easy tool-free assembly
  • Aluminum construction for low weight, high strength
  • Soft basket folds with rollator
  • Squeeze to slow and push down to lock brakes
  • Folds flat for easy transport/storage
  • Height adjustable hand grips
  • Height adjustable seat from 18"-23"
  • Integrated padded seat
  • Sling backrest


  • Seat dimensions: 13.5" L x 12" W x 1.5" H
  • Seat to ground: 21.5"
  • Handle to ground: 36.5"
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300lbs

How to Set Up Your MOBB Aluminum Folding Rollator - 8" Wheels

This instructional video will show you how to set up your rollator in five easy steps, no tools required. 

Step 1: Lay out all the pieces and make sure to inspect them prior to assembly.

Step 2: Place a brake handle with the pre-assembled loop lock in the corresponding brake handle receptacle and adjust to the desired height. Use the height adjustment knobs to secure the handlebars in this position.

Step 3: Open your rollator. 

Step 4: Place the front wheels into the corresponding receptacles, secure with the clips and tighten the knobs.

Step 5: Insert the backrest or push bar into the frame receptacles until the snap buttons engage.

It's as simple as that! Now you can stay sturdy and supported while walking with the Mobb Aluminum Folding Rollator.

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Finally, we hope you found this post helpful! Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.

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