9 Proven Ways to Relieve Tired and Sore Feet

Posted by on 2021 Jun 24th

9 Proven Ways to Relieve Tired and Sore Feet

Are you struggling with foot pain? Try these 9 ways to relieve tired and sore feet using orthopedic products and expert-approved tips.

If foot pain is holding you back from living life to the fullest, this post is for you!

Whether your symptoms are due to work conditions, an injury, or a musculoskeletal disorder, there are solutions that can help.

Keep reading to discover 9 simple and effective ways to relieve tired and sore feet at home.

9 Proven Ways to Relieve Tired and Sore Feet


9 Proven Ways to Relieve Tired and Sore Feet

1. Make sure your footwear fits right

2. Wear compression socks to increase circulation.

3. Add extra cushioning with arch support

4. Relieve arch pressure with a foot brace.

5. Find comfort with memory foam slippers.

6. Relax on a foot roller.

7. Increase blood flow with a circulation promoter.

8. Make time for stretching after work.

9. Create a soothing night routine for feet

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1. Make sure your footwear fits right

The first step towards ensuring that your feet are effectively supported is getting proper footwear. While buying a new pair of shoes can be the most effective option, you may want to utilize the footwear you already own. 

If your old pair of shoes doesn't fit perfectly, try using Medi-Dyne Tuli's Heavy Duty Gel Heel Cups. They are designed to fit the shape of your heel, irrespective of the shoe you decide to wear.

Additionally, gel heel cups absorb shock associated with prolonged periods of walking or standing. You can wear them with socks or without, giving you the freedom to decide.

So, if the trendy pair of sneakers you picked out to wear is not supportive enough for your feet, slip in some gel heel cups. Now you will look and feel ready for work, inside and out.

2. Wear compression socks to increase circulation

If you're struggling with inflammation, plantar fasciitis, or swelling,  compression socks may be just what you need. They're not only stylish and practical, but they also improve circulation and reduce swelling in your legs and feet.

The Airway Surgical Truform Diabetic & Compression Socks are great for people with varicose veins, sensitive feet, or other medical conditions. Available in different colors, lengths, and sizes, you can find the perfect product for your individual needs.

Male running and wearing compression socks

Check out our compression sock measurement guide here.

3. Add extra cushioning with arch support

Your feet weren't built for long periods of walking on asphalt or concrete. Most importantly, not all feet are made the same. So, shoes that are bought off the market may not support your unique needs.

Using  Ortho Active 83 Adult's Flexible Arch Supports is one way to solve this problem. Not only do they provide extra cushioning to absorb impact, but they also minimize tension on your joints.

Additionally, these flexible arch supports contour to the shape of your feet, giving you personalized support where you need it most. Try them today!

4. Relieve arch pressure with a foot brace

An intense period of work or exercise may leave your feet feeling tired and in pain. If you're looking for some relief, try Medi-Dyne Tuli's X Brace, an elastic foot brace that you can wear with or without shoes.

A silicon strip is present in this lightweight foot brace that provides additional support and care. Furthermore, the patented X brace pattern offers similar support to low dye taping.

5. Find comfort with memory foam slippers

If you've spent all day on your feet, the last thing you want to do is walk barefoot on your hardwood floors at home. This can further aggravate feelings of soreness and tenderness.

For this reason, we recommend using ObusForme Men's Memory Foam Arch Support Slippers. They are designed to remember the shape of your feet and provide additional cushioning.

Not only are these slippers easy to wear, but the texture is also luxurious and warm. Perfect for a cold day!

6. Relax on a foot roller

After a hard day at work, it feels great to get back home and put your feet up. But if you're someone who struggles with foot pain, there's a better option for you...

Instead of putting your feet up, put them on the Core Products Swede-O Plantar F3 Foot Roller. As you work your feet up and down along the roller, it will help relieve stress and soothe your feet.

This might soon turn out to be your favourite activity while watching television. You can even use this travel-friendly roller when you're sitting at your desk at work. The benefits it provides to your tired feet are immense, so roll on!

7. Increase blood flow with a circulation promoter

If you are constantly dealing with tired feet, it may be a sign that you're not adequately caring for your foot and leg health. Most often, poor blood circulation due to prolonged periods of walking or standing is to blame.

Not to worry! Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter will help bring back the zing into your legs and feet. What's more, there are even travel sizes that you can take when you're on the road.

Female using Dr. Ho's Circulation Promoter

8. Make time for stretching after work

A good spell of stretching before and after exercise is essential. However, many people fail to do that post-work. The effect of long periods of walking or standing at work is intense exercise too. Your calves, hamstrings, Plantar fascia and toes need to be stretched appropriately to avoid stiffness and pain.

Now, this doesn't need to be complicated. In fact, there's a simple product that allows you to achieve a deep stretch right from the comfort of your living room.

Achieve strength and flexibility with the specially designed ProStretch Plus to ensure that you have done it right, every time!

9. Create a soothing night routine for your feet

A good nighttime routine is not only great for skincare but is mandatory for tired feet as well. Get into a pair of warm Bed Buddy Soothing Foot Warmers that have eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove to re-energize you while you sleep. 

You can warm these in a microwave to give yourself a hot compress or place them in the freezer for a cold compress. Smart, handy, and revitalizing, they are just the pair to soothe your feet at the end of the day!

Closing Thoughts

Regardless of what type of job you have or the exercise style you prefer, these simple methods will help improve your foot health and reduce pain and soreness. Make use of them to keep your feet healthy and happy all the time!

Finally, don't forget to check out all of our  orthopedic products here.

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