10 Wonderful Gifts for Seniors

Posted by on 2020 Dec 13th

10 Wonderful Gifts for Seniors

If you're looking for the perfect gift for an older loved one, there are a multitude of options that are sure to please.

Did you know that there are over 5.9 million Canadian senior citizens in the country? They could be your uncle, grandparents, or friends. It’s time to show them some love and appreciation.

When buying gifts for seniors, you must consider a lot of things. In most cases, you must give them something useful and worth keeping.

Not sure what to pick? Don’t panic yet, we can help.

With this guide, you’ll learn about various gift ideas for senior citizens. That way, you can give them something they’ll cherish forever. Read on and find out more.

10 Wonderful Gifts for Seniors

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1. Key or Wallet Finder

A great product for senior citizens is a locating device for their things. It’s because lost keys, wallets, purses, phones, and bags are common problems for them. You can attach these devices to their valuables to ensure that if they lose it, they can locate them easily.

Good locating devices can connect to their smartphones. This ensures they’ll know the general location of their valuables with a few taps. To make the most out of it, ensure that the device is resistant to water with a long-lasting battery.

2. Jar Openers

Even younger, stronger people find that opening a jar of peanut butter is a difficult task. It’s even more so for the many Canadians with arthritis. For seniors that lost their grip strength, giving them a jar opener makes the world a better place for them.

If you’re getting this as a gift, ensure that it’s durable and only needs a single hand to operate. It must also be flexible to work for all jar sizes. Regardless, check its online ratings before buying.

3. Medical ID Necklace

A Medical ID Necklace is especially useful for seniors since it will list their names, medical conditions, and contact details for emergencies. The best part is that it’s impervious to water and comes in many sizes. With engraved information, the legible font won’t degrade as time passes.

4. Emergency Medical Alert System

This is one of the most useful gifts since it gives both you and your recipient peace of mind. In case they fall, they can summon help with a single button press. This also notifies you of any form of emergency.

With technological advancements, these alert systems now have more features. This includes the following:

  • Automatic fall detection
  • GPS tracking
  • Motion sensors
  • Mobile coverage

Get the ones with the fastest response times since it can mark the difference between life and death.

5. Wall Lights With Motion Sensors

Falling remains one of the most common causes of senior citizens’ visits to the emergency room. It happens because of poor lighting, especially in the bathroom, bedroom, and hallways. If you get lights with motion sensors, you’re assured that your loved ones will have a lit path from their bed to any location in their home.

A good place to start is to look for lights that can detect motion from at least nine feet away. Get battery-powered ones to ensure their paths stay lit even during power outages.

6. Electric Razors

Seniors are in danger when using a blade with unsteady hands. Especially when they’re using blood thinners since a single cut might send them to the emergency room. That’s why an electric razor makes a great gift idea for seniors.

With the safety offered by this product, seniors will be motivated to shave more. This will make them feel well-groomed and confident about their appearance.

7. Fall-Resistant Slippers

A lot of seniors trip and fall because they’re wearing the wrong footwear. If you give them slippers with slip-resistant soles and heel backing, this will prevent them from falling off. When making your choice, never forget about comfort and style since they’re more likely to resent wearing it otherwise.

Whenever possible, find slippers they can easily adjust since it’s easier for seniors with swollen feet. Ensure it’s machine-washable too since it’s more convenient for them.

8. Amoena Bras

Some seniors get a mastectomy and feel bad about themselves. It’s because most won’t find the right bras for their situation. If you care about them, give them the gift of mastectomy bras to restore their confidence.

With Amoena bras’ reinforced side panels and soft, fabric-molded cups, they gain more confidence. It applies regardless of whether they’re in the gym, outside, or at home. It also ensures comfort since it uses microfiber fabric and breathable mesh panels everywhere.

Check out our guide to learn the things you must remember when you buy Amoena bras. That way, you’re confident that your gift is useful.

9. Walkers for Seniors

With old age often comes joint weakness. That’s why even the most mundane activities we take for granted like walking or running become tedious tasks. To offset this, you can give your beloved senior a walker.

The best benefit seniors reap from using walkers is the support. It’s especially when the one you buy has front wheels. Otherwise, they must carry these devices whenever they walk.

If you’re looking for the right walker, you must choose lightweight ones. This makes it desirable for seniors who want to continue their daily activities. It’s especially for those without the physical strength required to push heavier mobility aids.

10. Hush Blankets

These weighted blankets are great for seniors who continue to work despite their old age. It’s because the stress and anxiety involved in these tasks are as real to seniors as it is to younger people. That’s why most people will feel both the physical and psychological symptoms of these conditions.

To alleviate this, you can give them weighted blankets since it activates your body’s natural responses to both touch and compression. It means reducing the stress hormone, leading to the release of serotonin and melatonin, improving mood and sleep quality.

Discover More Gifts for Seniors Today

These are some of the best gifts for seniors around. Use these ideas to ensure that your present is memorable and useful at the same time.

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