Carpal Tunnel Support

Carpal Tunnel Support

A carpal tunnel support is an orthopedic brace worn on the hand for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is typically made of leather or nylon and has a padded palm, thumb support, and cut-outs to prevent constriction of the radial artery. The brace can be fastened with straps that are connected together with Velcro or by lacing up the back panel.

Carpal Tunnel Support Benefits

The Carpal Tunnel Support is a hand brace which can be used to support the wrist and stop the ulnar nerve from rubbing against the carpal bone. The brace induces an elevated position for the wrist to rest in, relieving pressure on the nerve.

It positions the thumb downward to give it space for repose. It also provides insulation of the sensitive nerve under it by adding padding or gel that will make it easier to work through any repetitive motion without discomfort.

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