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Nexus Rollator Walkers show true innovation in setting the standards of what to expect from rollators. Take the Nexus 3 Walker with its cross-folding frame - it allows users to pass through narrow spaces and small areas if needed.
Choose from a big selection of Nexus accessories including wheels, brakes, baskets, and trays. Great prices on all Nexus mobility products. Shop now!

Human Care

Human Care Nexus 3 Rollator

$559.99 $450.25

Human Care Nexus 3 Walker Rollator  The Nexus 3 Walker has innovated the way we think about mobility.  With the only true cable-free braking system, you can move confidently in and around your home without fear that you will get caught on...

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Human Care

Human Care Nexus One Rollator

$471.99 $350.34

Human Care Nexus One Rollator The best selling neXus series of walking aids are innovative rollators with high quality.  Like the neXus 3 rollators, the neXus 1 features an “X” frame design that folds from side to side making it...

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