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Experts recommend that the best way to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs is to properly wash your hands. Today, with our busy on the go lives, that is not always an option. Also, hand washing in public spaces can lead to touching more surfaces. Consider the simple task of filling up your gas at a service station. Simply using hand sanitizer would be far more convenient than entering the premises and using the public facilities to wash your hands.

Hand Sanitizer Effectiveness

To be effective it is important to use hand sanitizer properly for it to effectively kill the bacteria and viruses. Ensure to use enough of the hand sanitizer to completely cover your hands and fingers. Rub your hands together for 15 or 20 seconds and allow them to air dry thoroughly.

Although many people have kept a mini hand sanitizer handy for years, this is a relatively new hygiene routine for many others. Remember that hand sanitizer can be very drying so we recommend that you use a moisturizer to rehydrate your hands.

Herbal Glo

Herbal Glo Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizer Spray 60mL

$8.99 $7.99

Herbal Glo Ultra Clean Hand Sanitizer Spray Herbal Glo’s Ultra Clean Sanitizer Contains the exact formula recommended by the World Health Organization.* It is recommended as an antibacterial skin cleanser to kill harmful bacteria and germs.*...

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Coloplast Isagel Hand Sanitizer

$3.99 $3.20

Isagel Hand Sanitizer Isagel Hand Sanitizer is a no-rinse hand cleansing gel. Moisturizes as it sanitizes Helps defend against MRSA, VRE, H1N1 Kills 99.9% of germs in 15 seconds or less Available in 115ml or 621ml Keep your hands clean and free of...

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Back to Earth

Back to Earth Pure Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free 60ml

$10.99 $7.20

Back to Earth Pure Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Free 60ml Tired of Sanitizers burning and drying out your hands? Back to Earth Pure Hand Sanitizer has come to your rescue with a collage of bacteria-killing ingredients including St. John's Wort and the rare...

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Purica Hand Sanitizer

$7.49 $5.70

Purica Hand Sanitizer The Purica Hand Sanitizer is a antiseptic, antibacterial and medicated skin cleanser. Effective in destroying harmful bacteria and germs. Hand Sanitizer Recommended dose: 2 millilitres 1-3 times per day. Duration of...

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Relaxus Hand Sanitizer 300 ml

$6.00 $5.00

Relaxus Hand Sanitizer 300 ml This Hand Sanitizer 300 ml is an antiseptic skin cleanser, enriched with vitamin E and aloe, and with moisturizing qualities.  Hand Sanitizer Features Antiseptic, Unscented Pump bottle...

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GoGoLife Ezee Wipes 75% Alcohol - 60pc

$7.99 $5.90

GoGoLife Ezee Wipes 75% Alcohol - Pack of 60 Advanced 75% Ethyl (natural grain) Alcohol Formula kills 99.9% of bacteria & germs!* Hand Sanitizer Wipes Features 60 disposable hand sanitizer wipes Each wipe is 18 cm x 20 cm (7.1'' x 7.9'') Open...