Commode Chairs

At Halo Healthcare Solutions, we offer several brands of commodes. These include: Carex, AMG Medical, Mobb, Drive Medical, & More.

Types of Commodes

All-in-One Commode - also called the 3-in-1 commode, can be used bedside as a stand alone commode. The bucket can be removed, and it can be placed over a toilet.

Folding Commode Chair - easily open and fold up for convenient storage and transportation.

Transfer Commode Chair - one or both of the arms are designed so that they can be pivoted out of the way to make moving from the bed to the chair easier.

Shower Commode Chair - Made with water-resistant materials, and typically feature two or four wheels with locking mechanisms to facilitate ease of movement in and out of the shower.

Browse Our Many Different Commodes

Find the right commode for you or your loved one among our many brands and products.


Carex Commode Liner

$11.99 $8.99

Carex Commode Liner Carex Commode Liners are the easier way to collect and clean the commode waste. They can be used up to three times and they have tie handles for easy, quick disposal. These Commode Liners feature an absorbent powder which...

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Carex Uplift Commode Assist

$299.99 $289.90

Carex Uplift Commode Assist The Carex Uplift Commode Assist is ideal for the elderly or those with low arm strength. It provides assistance and ensures optimal bathroom safety for those at risk of falling. The seat allows users to relieve themselves...

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Carex Deluxe Folding Commode

$99.99 $89.99

Carex Deluxe Folding Commode The Carex Deluxe Folding Commode easily folds up compact to make storage and transport easier. Durable steel frame Elongated seat Tool free assembly Can also be used as a toilet safety frame or raised toilet...

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