Toilet Safety Frames

Toilet Safety Frame for Safe and Comfortable Bathroom Sessions

Having trouble sitting or rising from your toilet? Make your bathroom sessions safer and more comfortable with a toilet safety frame. Shop Now

Why You Need a Toilet Support Frame

Added Bathroom Stability

This toilet frame reduces the risk of slipping or falling when using the toilet. It can make seniors feel comfortable and safe at home.

Used with Any Toilet

If your loved one is recovering from a hip or knee surgery, you can get them this toilet surround frame. It can fit in any toilet design— standard, irregular, or elongated.

Easy Installation

You don’t have to worry about drilling or reinforcing the toilet frame. This toilet safety rail can be installed firmly using existing seat bolts.

Comfortable for Use

It’s lightweight with a secure grip, making sitting and raising from your toilet seat easy.

Get a Toilet Safety Frame for Safe Bathroom Visits

Enjoy safe and comfortable bathroom breaks with toilet surround frames from Halo Healthcare. Get free shipping on orders above $49.

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