Bed Rails


Bed Rails

One of the most frequent sorts of mobility challenges is difficulty getting in and out of bed, and this isn't restricted to persons recovering from catastrophic injuries or illnesses. Many people experience bed mobility issues each year as a result of simple issues such as joint pain, diminished flexibility, and morning stiffness, which are all frequent side effects of ageing. The usage of bed handles, rails, or poles is an excellent solution to deal with this problem.

Help rails, side rails, assist bars, stand assists, and bed handles are all terms for bed safety rails, which come in a variety of designs to meet the needs of every user. Some are designed to be more permanent additions, while others are moveable. They're fastened to the bed in a variety of methods, but they all provide a stable handhold for repositioning while laying in bed and supporting people getting out of bed. They also guard against falls from bed, which become more common as people age or have certain medical issues.

Although bed rails as a category sometimes includes longer rails and those built-in or added to hospital beds, the sort we'll be talking about in this buying guide is the shorter, assistive rails that are most commonly used at home on normal beds. These daily living aids assist people of all ages, both young and old, in maintaining their safety, independence, and mobility while transferring in and out of bed.

Because there are so many various types and features to pick from when it comes to bed rails, we'll walk you through some of them to help you make the best decision for you or a loved one.

Which Safety Rail is the Most Appropriate for Me?

Regardless of other design elements, every bed rail, whether permanent or moveable, is intended to accomplish three goals:

· Assist the user in adjusting himself or herself while laying in bed.

· Reduce the chance of falling out of bed.

· Assist in getting into and out of bed with robust, dependable assistance.

· The use of high-quality designs will also prevent bed entrapment. Reputable manufacturers ensure that their bed rail layouts adhere to the FDA's criteria for decreasing the seven dangers of bed entrapment in order to maintain safety.

Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Bed Assist Rail

$79.90 $72.90

MOBB Bed Assist Rail Most of us with full-body mobility often forget how easy it is to get daily activities done without thinking about them too much. However, for the elderly and those afflicted by disability issues, these can be the cause of chronic...

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Invacare Great Bed Support Rail

$61.29 $53.90

Invacare Great Bed Support Rail Feel more secure and stable when you are getting in and getting out of the bed with the Invacare Great Bed Support Rail. Invacare is one of the top manufacturers when it comes to making products for patient care and...

Drive Medical

Drive Medical M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle

$135.90 $105.90

Drive Medical M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle The Drive Medical M-Rail Home Bed Assist Handle is perfect for people with balance or mobility problems. It is designed to offer support to people getting in and out of bed. You also get support when you are...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB EZ Grip Bedrail

$76.99 $67.95

MOBB EZ Grip Bedrail Regardless of your physical health, your bed is your sanctuary. Comfort is rightfully the prioritized feature when it comes to your bed, prompting you to look for the comfiest mattress, mattress toppers, pillows, etc. However,...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical Bed Rail

$102.99 $94.95

BIOS Medical Bed Rail BIOS Medical Bed Rail adjustable M-shaped bedside handrail, aids in transferring, sitting, standing, or balancing. Easy to install and simple to use. Perfect for your home and suitable for travel. Fits any size bed...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Mobbility Bed Rail

$79.96 $59.95

MOBB Mobility Bed Rail Sleeping is one activity that most people, whether they are an adult or a toddler, enjoy. While many people love the blissful escape from a tiring day without much movement, most are prone to moving as they sleep. Bed Rail...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Bed Assist Rail (Discontinued)

$135.18 $105.95

Drive Medical Bed Assist Rail Bed assist rails are excellent at providing safety to people recovering from surgery, those who lack muscle coordination, or elderlies in bed. They also aid people with memory issues, sleeping disorders, and uncontrolled...

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle

$118.75 $90.95

Drive Medical Home Bed Assist Handle For use with most home mattress/box spring/bed frame type beds. Bed Rail Assist Handle Features/Benefits Weight supported by floor on rubber tip feet, not just by box spring and mattress Adjustable handle height...

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Stander 30" Safety Bed Rail

$190.00 $157.95

Stander 30" Safety Bed Rail The Stander 30" Safety Bed Rail makes getting in and out of bed easier, as well as prevents you from falling during the night. Folds down when not in use Can be used on either side of the bed Safety strap to secure rail...

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Carex Bed Support Rail

$89.99 $75.25

Carex Bed Support Rail Ensure getting in and out of bed is more comfortable, safer, and more accessible with the Carex Bed Support Rail. The Carex Bed Safety Rail is designed to safely and efficiently allow the user to get in and out of bed. This...

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HealthCraft Smart Rail

$251.00 $193.65

HealthCraft Smart Rail HealthCraft Smart Rail is an innovative bed assist rail designed for those of us requiring a little help for moving, standing and transferring in and out of bed. Unlike fixed-style bed rails, our Smart-Rail can unlock and...

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Stander Bed Caddie

$35.00 $27.95

Stander Bed Caddie The Stander Bed Caddie is the perfect solution to make it easier to sit up in bed. People who are recovering from surgery, people who are on bed rest, or people with back issues will love the Stander Bed Caddie. It has a ladder...

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HealthCraft Assista-Rail

$195.93 $155.50

HealthCraft Assista-Rail HealthCraft Assista-Rail provides great bed support for people with reduced mobility. It is very easy to install as it slides under the mattress and the box spring. It also comes with a safety strap to secure it to the...

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Parsons ADL

Parsons ADL WaveRail - Bed Side Assist Handrail

$95.99 $84.85

Parsons ADL WaveRail - Bed Side Assist Handrail It's simple to use and comes with a handy storage pouch. Easy to assemble - for use at home or on the road. Padded handrail with a contoured design (contains no Latex). It assists you in sitting up,...

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Stander Mobility Bedrail

$200.00 $176.95

Stander Mobility Bedrail The Stander Mobility Bedrail is designed with an extra handle that pivots outwards to provide extra support when getting in and out of bed. Stander Mobility Bed Rail Features Handle pivots out 180° and extends 19"...

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