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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion


MOBB Seat Wedge Cushion Comfort for your lumbar with added lift The Mobb Seat Wedge Cushion helps to keep your spine in its natural S shape by raising your hips higher than your knees. Ensures a more comfortable seating position Ideal for patients...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Comfort Touch Elevation Wedge

$124.74 $82.50

Drive Medical Comfort Touch™ Elevation Wedge Features/Benefits Ergonomically designed wedge, with 1" top layer of memory foam, cradles and conforms to the users head and neck to ease breathing, reduce snoring, and improve comfort The 10" inch...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Convertible Coccyx Wedge Cushion

$49.99 $43.99

MOBB Convertible Coccyx Wedge Cushion The spine is one of the most important physical structures of our body. It supports the back, neck, shoulders, and hip joints, helping us sit straight and have better mobility. Sitting with improper posture and...

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FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge

$54.99 $44.95

FitterFirst FitBall Seating Wedge Have you been sitting in a desk chair all day? This may not be ideal for your body. Many people complain about back pains and aches from sitting in the same position for longer periods of time. However, it always comes...

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Airway Surgical

Airway Surgical PCP Foldable Bed Wedge

$63.10 $47.20

Airway Surgical PCP Foldable Bed Wedge PCP Foldable Bed Wedges provide gradually sloping support for head, foot or leg elevation. It helps alleviate respiratory symptoms and improves sleep. It helps those suffering from acid reflux, GERD and heartburn...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Air Wedge Cushion

$150.00 $138.90

MOBB Air Wedge Cushion The MOBB air wedge cushion is ideal for correcting posture, relieving back pain, alleviating stress, and reducing anxiety and restlessness. This product enables your core to help strengthen abdominal and spine muscles. By...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Up Rite Cushion Wedge

$34.99 $29.90

MOBB Up Rite Cushion Wedge NEW Mobb Up Rite Cushion Wedge can be used as a pillow or support for other areas of the body. Prevents the body from sliding forward Reduces pressure on the buttocks while in elevated-back position Easily cleaned If...

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