Absorbent Products

Incontinence Pads and Absorbent Underwear for Complete Protection

You deserve to be comfortable and protected all day and night. Below is a wide selection of absorbent products designed to keep you comfortable and help avoid any awkward situations.

Leak Proof Underwear for Incontinence

All the many types of absorbent, protective underwear for men and women are designed to keep you comfortable and secure day.

You can choose between adjustable and absorbent briefs; comfortable disposable pull-ons; or any other designs that work best for your needs.

Abena and TENA Overnight Pads

TENA and Abena are both leading name brands that produce incontinence pads that are designed with comfort and security in mind.

The pads are secured into your underwear or combined with absorbent underwear to stop and capture any bladder leaks throughout the day and overnight. They’re soft and trap moisture to prevent irritation.

TENA products use special comfortable Quick Dry topsheets with extra absorbent Lock Away Cores all while using Advanced Odour Protection to keep you comfortable and discrete.

Abena's overnight pads and other products are anatomically shaped to provide better support and absorbency. They also use highly absorbent layers with soft textile top and back sheets for extra comfort.

Bed Protector Pads

For added security as you sleep, any of the underpads below can keep your bed and sheets protected against any possible leaks.

Most have a waterproof layer covered by a soft pad that absorbs and holds liquid. Rest assured, these pads keep your bed and furniture safe.