Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Fractured Bedpan

$14.99 $12.90

MOBB Fractured Bedpan Whenever the condition of a patient allows, the caregiver of the patient is required to raise the head of the hospital bed and use a regular bedpan to promote a natural elimination position. However, some patients who are in more...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Comfort Bedpan

$15.99 $12.90

MOBB Comfort Bedpan The MOBB Comfort Bedpan is a receptacle that is used for toileting purpose. It is an ideal product for bedridden patients. It is suitable for both bowel and bladder incontinence and is specially designed to enable users to take care...

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Airway Surgical

PCP Fracture Bed Pan

$12.89 $9.49

PCP Fracture Bed Pan The PCP 6095 Fracture Pan is designed specifically for those who have had a hip fracture or are recovering from hip replacement. This type of bedpan may be used for those who cannot raise their hips high enough or to roll over onto...

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