Manual Wheelchairs

We provide a wide range of high-quality manual wheelchair styles. Manual wheelchairs can be self propelled, propelled with assistance, or a hybrid of both.

Things to Consider before Choosing a Wheelchair

  • Do you need a wheelchair permanently? Or temporarily?
  • Your weight (do you need a bariatric wheelchair?)
  • Whether you need a folding chair and whether the wheelchair will fit in a vehicle if needed
  • How frequently you will use the wheelchair (i.e., do you need supplemental seat cushion for comfort?)
  • Is the chair for indoor or outdoor use - or both?
  • Do you need a ramp?
  • Whether the chair will be maneuverable in your home (hallways, entrances and turning radius)
  • Will you be able to maneuver the wheelchair over the thresholds in your home?

That's why we have a broad range of wheelchairs that offer you the mobility and reliability that you're looking for. Ready to get a wheelchair that helps you move around your home, neighbourhood, or workplace? At Halo Healthcare, our brands of wheelchairs are carefully chosen for quality to ensure your safety and ease of movement.

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair


Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair Wheelchairs are inarguably one of the best mobility aids ever created. They allow users to rest and recover while also moving around. Simply put, a sturdy wheelchair can be a godsend for people with mobility issues,...

Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Elevating Leg Rests (Pair)

$80.00 $69.20

MOBB Elevating Leg Rests Wheelchairs on their own are marvels of engineering and biology. The result of the combined insights results in a mobility aid that allows people to sustain their independence and still be able to get to where they need to go...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Heavy Duty Transport Chair

$350.00 $315.25

MOBB Heavy Duty Transport Chair A transport wheelchair is an ideal chair for you if you require a walker with smaller wheels, less weight, and maximum portability. This heavy duty transport chair allows your companion to move you around with ease and...

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Carex Wheelchair

$399.99 $265.95

Carex Wheelchair The Carex Wheelchair has swing-away arm and foot rests to make using it convenient and easy. Carex Folding Wheelchair Features Arms flip back to make sitting at a table easier Adjustable and removable foot rests 18.5"...

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Aquatec Ocean Ergo Commode & Shower Chair

$989.99 $924.25

Aquatec Ocean Ergo Commode & Shower Chair The Invacare’s Aquatec Ocean Ergo Commode and Shower chairs design is practical and comfortable for all personal care use. It is ideal for people who require toileting and incontinence care. The...

Drive Medical

Drive Medical Light and Go Mobility Light

$29.95 $17.95

Drive Medical Light and Go Mobility Light Features and Benefits: Patented motion and light-activated technology For hands-free use with wheelchairs, walkers and rollators Comes with protective rubber boot 3 bright, long-life LEDs for enhanced visibility...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Conform Cushion


MOBB Conform Cushion Since its inception in 1595, the wheelchair has been a marvel innovation that has made life easier for hundreds of people. Whether someone is bound to it for permanent usage or relies on it for a temporary basis, having a...

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BIOS Medical

Bios Medical 20" Wheelchair

$479.99 $468.99

Bios Medical 20" Wheelchair The Bios Medical 20" Wheelchair is a steel framed folding wheelchair that's suitable for short trips and basic transporting. Portable Wheelchair Features Removable foot and armrests Swing-away footrests stick out...

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BIOS Medical

Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder

$70.00 $63.94

Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder The Bios Medical Oxygen Tank Holder provides a safe and convenient way to carry your oxygen tank. Wheelchair Oxygen Tank Holder Features Lightweight and easy to lift Easily attaches to the handles and frame of...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Auto Style Wheelchair Seat Belt

$45.98 $38.95

Drive Medical Auto Style Wheelchair Seat Belt Riding a wheelchair can at times get a bit nerve-racking if the road is bumpy, especially if the user doesn’t have a seatbelt to hold them in place. Naturally, if someone is in a wheelchair and the road...

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Mobb Healthcare

Mobb Aluminum Wheelchair with 18" Seat

$399.99 $395.25

Mobb Aluminum Wheelchair Powder coated aluminum tubing available in Black only* Made from lightweight aluminum Flip-up desk length armrest Swing in/out detachable foot rests Nylon handle wheel rim Folding back rest for easy transport Composite...

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