Resistance Bands


TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar

$39.99 $20.95

TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar The TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar is a flexible, durable device used to help improve grip strength in the arm, hand and shoulder. It is clinical-research proven to be effective in treating Tennis Elbow and...

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FitterFirst Slastix Resistance Toner Bands

$34.99 $24.90

FitterFirst Slastix Resistance Toner Bands The FitterFirst Slastix Resistance Toner Band is the safest, most durable exercise cable available with its safety sleeve technology. The covered tubing prevents wear on the cable and over-stretching...

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Rock Tape

Rock Tape RockBand Flex Resistance Band

$22.99 $17.40

Rock Tape RockBand Flex Resistance Band Forget latex and rubber. RockBand Flex is your all-in-one rehabilitation, stretch and mobility solution. Available in three resistances, RockBand Flex unlocks a universe of movement improvement and is designed to...

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FitterFirst Door Hook

$3.50 $2.90

FitterFirst Door Hook The FitterFirst Door Hook attaches to any doorway to add to your resistance band exercises. Features & Benefits: Sturdy and durable Close end with tabs in door and put resistance band/tube through the loop Provides a...

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