Hot & Cold Therapy

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Enjoy the True Benefits of Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot therapy works by improving blood flow to the injured area due to increased temperature. This will soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility. The heat therapy relaxes your muscles and damaged tissues.

Cold therapy reduces blood circulation to the injured part, reducing swelling and inflammation, especially around the tendon or joint area. It temporarily slows down nerve activity, providing quick pain relief.

Hot and cold therapy can help:

  • Relieve pain
  • Decrease swelling and inflammation
  • Fasten healing and recovery

How to Use Hot and Cold Therapy

Hot and Cold Packs

Hot and cold therapy packs are perfect for treating an injury locally. You can put them in the freezer for cold therapy or microwave them to heat them for hot therapy.

Hot and Cold Wraps

These are medical-grade compression wraps with reusable heat and ice packs for customized swelling and pain relief. From ankle wraps to wrists wraps, we have a wide range of hot-cold therapy wraps to treat sprains, strains, and injuries.

Hot and Cold Therapy for Fast Pain Relief

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Carex Ice Bag

$10.99 $8.59

Carex Ice Bag The Carex Ice Bag provides instant cool relief for nearly any part of the body - Simply Add Ice! Features: Ready instantly, just add ice Easy to use and reuse Provides relief for aches and pains Leak proof cap prevents...

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Carex Hot Water Bottle With Fleece Cover

$14.99 $12.49

Carex Hot Water Bottle With Fleece Cover Carex Hot Water Bottle With Fleece Cover helps you relieve stress and muscle pain. The water bottle can be filled with hot or cold water and the fleece cover provides a comfortable fuzzy surface. Use it...

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