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The word TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and TENS machine that have risen in popularity in recent years as an alternative to taking painkilling medications. The most well known brand of TENS machine is Dr. Ho, but other units such as Drive Medical Portable Dual Channel Tens unit and StimTec brands are growing in popularity.

Lightweight and Portable

Tens machines are generally small, lightweight and portable and have two basic components - the machine itself, and the sticky pads that are stuck to the skin in the treatment area, generally on either side of where pain is experienced. When you switch on the machine mild electrical impulses travel through the wires to the sticky pads.

The delivered electrical impulses are lower settings create a tingling sensations and at higher settings can create a twitching or spasm. For best results, start with the settings low and adjust until the tingling sensation is strong but not painful. These impulses may assist in the production of endorphins, in loosening tight muscles, in pain reductions and in relaxation. In certain brands the battery-operated controller is so small it can fit in a pocket allowing the user to go about their day.

How to benefit from TENS machines

TENS machines are thought to change the way pain signals are transmitted to the brain. Nerves and the spinal cord transmit pain signals to the brain. Stimulation - if the TENS machine's little electrical shocks can block pain signals, the brain will get less impulses from the pain source. TENS machines can be used to treat acute and chronic pain.

How TENS unit works?

TENS machines use electrodes on the skin to provide tiny electrical pulses to the body. During TENS therapy for back pain, electrodes are implanted on the skin over an area of pain in the back. Electrical impulses are produced, which travel along nerve fibers and cause tingling. 

Can I buy TENS unit in Canada and United States?

Yes, you can order TENS machine on this website!

Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Replacement T.E.N.S. Pads

$18.75 $15.00

Dr. Ho's Replacement Pads Dr. Ho's Replacement Pads can be used for deeper and more soothing massages. Dr Ho Pads Benefits High quality and hypoallergenic Can be reused 70-100 times Great for shoulder and rotator cuff pain Great for thigh...

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Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Pro - TENS Device

$209.99 $195.20

Dr. Ho's Neck Pain Pro - TENS Device DR-HO'S Neck Pain Pro is a TENS machine for neck therapy that combines TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), and proprietary Auto-Modulating Pulse (AMP) pain relief...

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StimTec Neo TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device

$249.95 $199.95

StimTec Neo TENS/EMS Microcurrent Device The StimTec Neo is the ideal solution that creates mobile electrotherapy wherever one may require it. A soft case, lithium battery, battery charger, lead wires and a user manual come with the unit. Begin...

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Dr. Ho's

Dr. Ho's Triple Action Back Belt - TENS Device

$229.99 $215.20

Dr. Ho's Triple Action Back Belt - TENS Device Improving on standard back support belts, DR-HO’S Triple Action Back Belt uses three distinct pain relief technologies to deliver powerful, drug-free, non-invasive back pain relief. Dr Ho Triple...

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StimTec TENS Replacement Rechargeable Lithium Battery

$32.99 $24.95

StimTec TENS Rechargeable Lithium Battery Replacement rechargeable battery for your StimTec NEO or StimTec PLUS device. TENS Unit Rechargeable Batteries Battery only - charger and AC adapter sold separately. Buy here: Battery Charger AC...


StimTec TENS Device Replacement AC Adapter

$24.99 $19.95

StimTec TENS Device AC Adapter Replacement AC adapter for the StimTec NEO or StimTec PLUS device. TENS Unit Adapters Include: AC slide-on plug AC power converter USB cord to connect to battery charger Must be used with the battery charger to...

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StimTec Target TENS/EMS

$149.00 $119.95

StimTec Target TENS/EMS StimTec Target TENS/EMS is designed to treat chronic muscle pain and massage sore muscles. Flip cover protects any buttons from being accidentally pushed “LOCK” button locks program settings even if the battery is...

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AMG Medical

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g

$12.20 $9.25

AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel 250g AMG Medical Spectra 360 Electrode Gel is an electrically conductive gel for all electro-medical procedures. Wets the skin, reducing skin resistance Non-gritty and non-irritating Hypoallergenic Salt-free...

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