Catheter and Supplies for Your at Home Needs

Using a catheter isn’t just restricted to hospitals and don’t always need to be inserted by a doctor. From the selection of catheters and catheter supplies below, you can find a catheter that works best for you.

Indwelling Catheter for Men and Women

Below are indwelling catheters that stay in your bladder and drain urine into a drainage bag. There are foley catheters made of chemical and infection resistant silicone to promote comfort.

These indwelling catheters use a small inflated balloon at its tip to keep it in place and secure. Some use latex tubes coated with silicone, while others are latex-free.

There are two-way indwelling catheters for men that have a larger lumen to help the tube stay clear. They also have larger eyelets for better drainage. The tube as a tip designed to be gentle for insertion.

Intermittent Catheter for Occasional Drainage

Not everyone needs to use a catheter constantly all day and night. If you only need a catheter occasionally, or don’t want to have a drainage bag attached to you.

These types of catheters can be inserted by a caregiver or even self-inserted. It’s inserted to drain the bladder, then removed and thoroughly cleansed.

Catheter Stabilizer

If you use an intermittent catheter, you may find a tape-free stabilization device beneficial for added comfort and less irritation.

This tool allows some movement of the catheter to relieve tension. Using this instead of tape is easier and hypoallergenic as well.


Coloplast SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter


Coloplast SpeediCath Compact Male Catheter Looking for a discreet catheter for men? Look no further than the Coloplast SpeediCath Compact! This sleek, compact device is perfect for those who want feel more in control during medical procedures. Its...

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Hollister Apogee Intermittent Catheters

$82.53 $75.35

Hollister Apogee Intermittent Catheters Hollister Apogee Intermittent Catheter is a key component in treating patients with incontinence. This product is ideal for patients with reduced sensation or those who have difficulty moving traditional catheters...

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Coloplast Self Catheter Coude Olive Tip


Coloplast Self Catheter Coude Olive Tip For individuals unable to promote a natural urine flow or for those individuals who have a significant volume of residual urine following a natural bladder-voiding, a catheter may be indicated. A Coloplast...

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