Chairs & Recliners


Chairs are usually the most popular type of furniture in a home due to their multiple functions. For example, chairs can be used for sitting at a dinner table or in front of the TV. Recliners are one of the most luxurious furniture items that can be purchased. They are typically used for relaxing at home or watching TV; however, they can also be used for other purposes such as reading or exercising.



FitterFirst Ball Chair Frame

$80.00 $67.95

FitterFirst Ball Chair Frame The FitterFirst Ball Chair Frame replaces your home or office chair with a healthier alternative. Exercise Ball Chair Frame Features: Works with most exercise balls - 55cm is ideal Adjustable height Lockable wheels Use...

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FitterFirst DuraBall Pro Exercise Ball


FitterFirst DuraBall Pro Exercise Ball FitterFirst is no stranger to the exercise and physical therapy niche. The brand has made a name for itself by designing and creating some of the best physical therapy instruments available in the market today. The...

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FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair


FitterFirst Classic Exercise Ball Chair (Frame not included. Must order separately) Working out at home can be tricky as you can never be sure whether your form is accurate or not. However, with the help of easy-to-move, compact fitness instruments, you...

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Relaxus Fit Ball Chair

$225.00 $195.99

Relaxus Fitness Ball Chair The Revolutionary & Ergonomic Fitness Ball Chair with Back Support is the very best you can find. Great for those seeking weight loss, increasing fitness, healing injuries and back pain, physio training or...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical All-Purpose Stool with Adjustable Arms

$145.00 $115.00

Drive Medical All-Purpose Stool with Adjustable Arms Comes with removable arm supports with adjustable width for added safety and comfort. All-Purpose Stool Features: Stool features a padded seat and back for added comfort Angled seat makes sitting down...

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