Child/Youth Crutches

Child/Youth Crutches

Child and youth crutches refer to assistive devices and mobility aids that provide support and reduce the severity of an individual's symptoms. They are means of providing stability and transferring weight from soft tissues, such as muscles or ligaments, to strong tissues like bone. There are many different types of child/youth crutches available on the market.

Benefits of Kids Crutches

Pediatric crutches are here to help kids and shorter grownups alike who need them. They offer a number of enhancements that allow kids to fully participate in their daily activities without compromising their safety or well-being.

Kids and shorter adults often require the use of crutches to aid in their movement, give support when weight bearing, and protect themselves from injury. Pediatric crutches are designed for kids and shorter adults with these considerations in mind.

Improve Gait and Posture

Children with disabilities or injuries often have problems with their walking gait. Other children may start walking later than typical or be slower in development. They may also have problems coordinating stepping while holding onto things.

Increasingly, children and adults with disabilities and injuries are finding relief through physical therapy. A person's gait is how they walk, and it is often impacted by a disability or injury that they may have sustained. This can cause them trouble with their posture as well as their walking technique. When patients work on improving their gait and posture through physical therapy, they can experience improved health and wellness.

Mobility Aid for Children

Mobility aids can help disabled children get around with greater ease, but each person has their own needs. The mobility aid that is meant for one child may not work for another. A pediatric occupational therapist can assist in determining the best mobility aid for any child.

The need for a mobility aid depends on the type and severity of disability, as well as the age and height of the child. Wheelchairs and crutches are an obvious choice for those with physical disabilities, while a cane may be more beneficial for those who need some stability, but not as much as a wheelchair.

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