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Coloplast Biatain Alginate Dressing

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Coloplast Biatain Alginate Dressing

There are many types of wound dressings on the market today. Biatain Alginate wound Dressing are designed to help with the healing of moderate to high exuding wounds. Coloplast dressings use a special alginate gel that helps to absorb moisture and promote healing. They come in a variety of sizes and colors so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

Features of Biatain Dressing

  • Ideal for cavity filling
  • Cut to fit wounds of different shape and size
  • Dressing conforms to skin and wound
  • Converts to a soft gel on contact with wound exudate
  • Gel helps prevent leakage
  • Documented hemostatic effect, unlike hydrofiber dressings
  • 85% alginate, 15% CMC (carboxymethylcellulose)
  • Ideal for ulcers, donor sites, or traumatic wounds
  • Can help control minor bleeding of superficial wounds

Biatain Cavity Filling Dressing

Coloplast biatain dressing is ideal for cavity filling. The dressing is made from a biodegradable alginate and is highly absorbent. It quickly soaks up any excess moisture and restores the surface of the wound to a healthy, new look. The biatain dressing can also be used to dress cuts and abrasions.

A biatain dressing is a type of wound dressing that uses alginate. Alginate is a salt-based compound derived from marine algae. It is often used to dress wounds because it forms a gel when mixed with water. This gel helps to hold the wound closed and protect it from bacteria and debris. Biatain alginate dressings are available in various sizes and shapes to fit wounds of different shapes and sizes.

Many wounds will heal with little or no dressing. However, if a wound is not healing properly, a dressing may be needed. Coloplast biatain dressing is made of biotic material such as alginate that helps the wound to heal and secrete fluid. Alginate dressings are available in various forms, including adhesive tapes and sheets.

A novel wound dressing that converts to a soft gel on contact with exudate has been developed. The biatain alginate dressing is based on the principles of alginate gelation and is effective in reducing inflammation and pain. Alginate wound dressings are commonly used to treat pressure sores, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and other types of wounds.

Coloplast Dressing Specification

The Biatain dressing is ideal for ulcers, donor sites, or traumatic wounds. It can help control minor bleeding of superficial wounds. The dressing is made from natural alginate and has a healing effect on the skin. Hydrofiber dressing may reduce the amount of bleeding but does not have a documented hemostatic effect. Biatain alginate dressing is reported to be effective in stopping bleeding and has a documented hemostatic effect.

Alginate Dressing Sizing

Available sizes:

  • 2" square (30/box)
  • 4" square (
  • 6" square (10/box)
  • 1" x 17.5" rope (6/box)

Buy Coloplast Biatain Alginate Dressing

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient way to dress your wounds, then you should consider using biatain alginate wound dressing. This product is made of biatain, which is a type of seaweed extract, and alginate, which is a type of polymer. These two ingredients work together to create a dressing that is highly absorbent and protective.

Another benefit of using biatain alginate wound dressing is that it can be used on both fresh and dry wounds. In addition, this dressing is easy to remove and does not leave behind any unpleasant residues. If you are looking for a safe and effective wound treatment option, then you should definitely consider buying biatain alginate dressing from Halo Healthcare now!

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