Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag -  COL-51
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Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag


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Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag

For some people, even the most benign of diseases can lead to permanent kidney damage. This is especially true for elders and those who suffer from renal failure. As such, it can be difficult for these individuals to control their urine output. If this is a problem for you, consider investing in a Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag. It will help you to manage your urine flow by ensuring that it remains safe and contained.

A urine bag is a small, sealed container used to collect and store the urine of a person who has been injured or is undergoing medical procedures. The bag is placed over the person's penis and pulled up when the person needs to urinate.

Coloplast Urine Bag Features

  • Clamp outlet prevents leaks
  • Soft backing for increased comfort
  • Double weldings for double security
  • Chambered design reduces sweating 
  • Anti-kink tubing - prevents back-flow and accidental leaks
  • Follows natural movement of the leg
  • Longer outlet tube to prevent contact with urine when emptying
  • Discreet under clothing
  • PVC and phthalates free
  • Available in 500ml and 750ml bags
  • Catheter not included


Design of Coloplast Catheter Bags

The Coloplast Conveen is a disposable security and urine bag designed to prevent back-flow and accidental leaks. The anti-kink tubing prevents back-flow and accidental leaks. The Coloplast Conveen is made from a durable, waterproof material that is odorless and tasteless. It is also a soft, comfortable, and convenient urine bag. Made from durable and easy-to-clean material, it features a soft backing for increased comfort. With its secure closure and leak-proof design, this urine bag is perfect for anyone needing to go to the bathroom in public.

Urine Bag is a unique product that is designed to provide security and convenience when it comes to using a urine bag. This product features anti-kink tubing which prevents back-flow and accidental leaks. Additionally, the tube is made from durable materials which make it easy to clean. Urine leg bag is an essential tool for people who are incontinent. It is a plastic bag, usually with a valve on one end that is inserted into the urethra. When you need to go to the bathroom, you attach the valve to your penis and pour your urine into the bag. You then tie it off at the top and walk around until it is full.

Benefits of Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag

  • The custom-designed clamp outlet is easy to operate, and it’s also easy to verify that it’s closed properly.
  • The soft backing makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The chambered design reduces swishing when moving about.
  • The discreet design and color scheme reduces the bag’s visibility under clothing.

Buy Coloplast Conveen 

The bag has a locking system to keep your container secure, and a leak-proof seal to prevent contamination. These bags are specially designed to fit around the thigh and can be easily attached to a chair or wheelchair. They're also lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around. It is designed as a convenient and effective way to store and carry your catheter. Add these urine leg bags to your wardrobe and enjoy the sleek, comfort you deserve.

Halo healthcare offers you a wide range of urinary drainage bags in Canadian and US markets. Stay comfortable and discreet with the Coloplast Conveen Security & Urine Bag by buying a Catheter leg bag from Halo healthcare’s online page.

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