Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser 178mL -  COL-1063
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Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser 178mL

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Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser 178mL

Coloplast offers a saline-based wound cleanser called Sea Clens; it's a popular choice for people who want to clean their wounds without using soap. This type of cleaner works well on delicate skin; it dissolves the blood and other debris from the wound and kills any bacteria present. It is a cost-effective saline-based wound cleanser that works well on wound beds without interfering with the healing process.

Coloplast's Sea Clens Wound Cleanser is a gentle and effective way to clean and disinfect wounds. The formula is composed of natural ingredients, which help soothe and protect the wound while it cleanses it. It is ideal for use on cuts, scrapes, burns, surgical sites, and other types of wounds.

Features of Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser 

  • Non-irritating to intact or damaged skin or mucosa.
  • Saline-based cleanser provides safe and effective irrigation.
  • Adjustable with stream or spray delivery system.

Design of Sea Clens - Wound Cleanser 

Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser comes in a spray bottle of 178ml; it is designed to clean wounds and stop infection in just a few minutes. The spray bottle allows users to control the amount of pressure applied, which is essential for delicate wounds. It offers an adjustable delivery system with a stream or spray delivery system for easy application. This cleanser is designed for use on various body surfaces, making it ideal for hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices.

Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser is a non-irritating, alcohol-free wound cleanser designed to clean and disinfect wounds. The sterile, effervescent formula is safe for use on intact or damaged skin or mucosa and can be applied directly to the wound. This cleanser is made from saline and alcohol, which helps clean the wound while also killing bacteria. The sterile solution is absorbed into the wound quickly, providing instant relief from pain and discomfort. It effectively removes debris and bacteria, helping to speed the healing process.

Benefits of Coloplast Wound Cleanser 

Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser is designed to help clean and soothe wounds while they heal, and it has a variety of benefits that make it a popular choice among patients and doctors alike. One of the main benefits of using Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser is that it helps to reduce inflammation and swelling. Additionally:

  • It is a gentle and effective way to cleanse and heal wounds. 
  • It is made with natural ingredients that help promote healing and reduce the risk of infection. 
  • It can be used on all types of wounds, including cuts, scrapes, burns, and ulcers.
  • It is also safe to use in kids.
  • It also helps clean and moisturize the area around the wound. 

Buy Coloplast Sea Clens Wound Cleanser 178mL

Looking for a way to clean your wounds? Coloplast has you covered! The sea clens wound cleanser comes in a 178mL bottle and is specially formulated to clean and disinfect wounds. 

Grab your Coloplast Sea Clens wound Cleanser now and clean your wound with this gentle, effective cleanser.

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