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Coloplast Sween Cream


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Coloplast Sween Cream

Sween Cream is a moisturizer that can be used to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin. This moisturizing cream is made by Coloplast and is offered in two different sizes.

Sween Cream Features

  • Natural vitamins A & D
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Non-occlusive formula
  • Will not interfere with tape adhesion
  • CHG compatible
  • Safe for neonatal use

Coloplast Cream Sizes:

  • 85ml
  • 190ml

Coloplast Sween Cream Benefits

Many people could attest to experiencing skin irritations at some point, from the occasional bump or scrape to acne and eczema. The most common skin irritation is dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by a variety of factors, including low humidity, harsh weather conditions, constrictive clothing, and frequent washing with soap. In addition to these factors, improper skin care can also cause dryness. Coloplast Sween Cream can be applied to prevent or relieve skin irritation that may occur following radiation therapy, chemotherapy, burns, or scleroderma.

The use of Coloplast Sween cream is now being promoted with the inclusion of natural vitamins A & D. This may help patients to prevent further damage to their skin. Vitamin A can help to reduce the amount of sebum by promoting cell turnover, exfoliating, and removing dead skin cells from the epidermis. As a result, your skin will feel smoother. The effects are visible with improved dryness, roughness, shedding, irritation, itching, or scaling of the skin.

Coloplast Sween Cream is a moisture barrier cream that is compatible with wound dressings. The non-occlusive formula will not interfere with tape adhesion and can be applied to any location of the body. The unique formula absorbs quickly so as to minimize the amount of time it spends on the skin.

One of the benefits of Coloplast Sween Cream is that it is compatible with CHG and therefore safe for neonatal use as well as general use. Chlorhexidine gluconate, also known as CHG, is a common antiseptic used in hospitals and clinics to reduce the risk of infection among patients. CHG is an antiseptic that is used to clean wounds and protect against infection.

How to use Sween Cream

Many products that come with instructions require priming before use. Priming ensures that the product will work as intended, and will not cause irritation. If you have any questions about priming or what type to use, ask your pharmacist or doctor.

There are many factors that affect how often you need to apply your Coloplast Sween Cream. Your skin condition and the amount of time it takes for the medicine to take full effect will all influence how often you should apply it.

If you're looking for a cream that will soothe your dry skin, try Coloplast Sween Cream. 

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