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Carex Commode Liner

$19.00 $12.95

Carex Commode Liner Carex Commode Liners are the easier way to collect and clean the commode waste. They can be used up to three times and they have tie handles for easy, quick disposal. These Commode Liners feature an absorbent powder which...

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AMG Medical

MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners

$26.99 $22.31

MedPro Zorbi Commode Liners A commode liner is a disposable product placed inside a toilet bowl to catch and collect excrement. Incontinent patients often use it, have hemorrhoids, or are post-operative. There are many different brands and types of...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Commode Liners


Drive Medical Commode Liners Equipped with a super absorbent powder which soaks up bodily waste (up to 64 oz) within seconds. Sanibag Features Holds up to 2 quarts or 64 ounces of liquids Avoid spills and splashes Commode liner can be used for...

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BIOS Medical

BIOS Medical Commode Bags (Pack of 12)

$38.00 $26.99

BIOS Medical Commode Bags (Pad of 12) If you have a commode chair, you know that cleanliness is important, which is why you won’t need another item as essential as BIOS Medical Commode Chair Liner. Designed for individuals with a commode chair,...

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