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ConvaTec AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes

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ConvaTec AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes

For individuals with an active lifestyle and frequent incontinence, it is important to have a way to manage their personal cleanliness. There are many different methods of cleaning oneself, but some people find that they are more comfortable using individually wrapped barrier wipes. These wipes come in a variety of different varieties, including sensitive, fragrance-free, and alcohol-free options. They can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other hygiene products.

ConvaTec AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes are a beneficial skin care product that provides a barrier film layer on the skin under tapes, skin barriers wafers, adhesives, and hydrocolloid dressings. The wipes are made up of a soft, absorbent material that smoothly and easily removes residues and skin debris while protecting the skin from irritation. The wipes come in a convenient pack of 96 wipes and are perfect for use in any medical setting.

AllKare Barrier Wipes Features

  • Protects skin from irritation
  • Prevents adhesive build-up
  • Individually wrapped
  • Helps protect against irritation, excoriation, and adhesive build-up
  • Non-water soluble formula for skin protection
  • Provides a barrier film layer on the skin under tapes, skin barriers/wafers, adhesives, and hydrocolloid dressings

Benefits of Skin Protective Barrier Wipes

ConvaTec AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes are a non-water soluble, alcohol-free skin barrier wipe formulation that offers the best of skin protection with a non-water-soluble formula. The wipes are ideal for use under tape, skin barriers, adhesive products, and or hydrocolloid dressings. The wipes work to protect the skin from moisture loss and irritation while providing a lasting barrier.

AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes gently remove all adhesives including skin barriers, tapes and hydrocolloid dressings. The wipes are made with a unique blend of surfactants and alcohol which work together to break down the adhesive while preventing damage to the skin. This makes them ideal for use on wound sites and other areas where adhesives may be present.

AllKare Wipes Specifications

  • Box of 50 or 100
  • 4.2 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches
  • ‎0.4 Pounds

Buy Skin Protective Barrier Wipes

Are you looking for a way to protect yourself and your family from the spread of infection? Check out ConvaTec AllKare Protective Barrier Wipes! These wipes are specially formulated to help protect you and your loved ones from germs and bacteria. They are also alcohol-free, so they are gentle on your skin.

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