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ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Surgical Cover Dressing

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ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Surgical Cover Dressing

The ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Hydrocolloid Hydrofiber Surgical Cover Dressing is a hybrid dressing that combines skin-friendly hydrocolloid and Hydrofiber technology. It has patented Hydrofiber Technology with ionic silver to assist in regulate serosanguinous fluid and provides comfort during body movement.

When intact and without leaking, the polyurethane film cover layer provides a viral, waterproof, and bacterial barrier for a high-performance dressing. This is available online from

ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Dressing Features:

ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Hydrocolloid Hydrofiber Surgical Cover Dressing With Ionic Silver is intended to improve clinical results and allow patients to move around more easily.

  • Polyurethane film layer provides a waterproof bacterial barrier
  • Improves clinical outcomes and patient mobility
  • Reduce surgical site infection
  • Reduces skin blistering and delayed discharge
  • Fewer dressing changes needed
  • Minimizes "dead space" where bacteria can grow

Aquacel Dressing Direction of use:

  • Hands should be washed with soap and water and thoroughly dried with a clean towel. After that, put on some clean gloves.
  • Clean and dry the skin surrounding the wound's edge.
  • Step 1 should be repeated. Carefully open the container of Surgical dressing, avoiding contacting the dressing as much as possible. Allow a minimum of 1cm clearance.
  • Surgical dressing should be applied directly to the wound. If necessary, trim the dressing so that it overlaps the wound edges by at least 1cm.
  • Apply a cover dressing to keep the surgical dressing in place, as directed by your healthcare provider.

Aquacel Ag Benefits:

  • A waterproof barrier that protects the skin while yet allowing bathing.
  • Protection against microbes*4-6
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Adhesion and removal that is gentle on the skin

 Aquacel Ag Surgical Cover Dressing Specification: 

  • This single-product cover dressing is an easy-to-use option for the post-operative treatment of surgical wounds. They're made to improve clinical results and make it easier for patients to move around. In vitro investigations have shown that adding ionic silver gives prolonged antibacterial action for up to 14 days1.
  • Reduce the risk of infection at the surgery site (SSI)
  • Blistering on the skin should be reduced.
  • Reduce the time it takes for you to be discharged.
  • Fewer clothing changes are required


  • When opening the primary packaging, there may be a faint odor due to the sterilization procedure.
  • Applying the dressing under tension is not a good idea.
  • Cutting the dressing is not advised.

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Aquacel Ag Surgical Dressing is available through Halo Health Care in Canada and the United States.

Help manage surgical wound healing with ConvaTec Aquacel Ag Surgical Cover Dressings. Halo Healthcare offers a wide range of wound dressing products so that you may decide what's best for you.

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