ConvaTec DuoDerm Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing
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ConvaTec DuoDerm Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing

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ConvaTec DuoDerm Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing

There are many different types of adhesive bandages on the market today, but ConvaTec DuoDerm Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing is unique because of its tapered edge. This design makes it easier to apply and remove the dressing, which is especially important if you have to change it frequently. Additionally, it is a clear, flexible, waterproof adhesive that sticks to the skin and helps to cover wounds.

DuoDerm CGF dressing is made from soft, comfortable fabric that conforms to the body, and it has a signal tapered edge that helps to identify and treat the ulcer more effectively. It is a sterile, adhesive, semi-permeable dressing that is used to cover wounds. Plus to that, this dressing is also elastic, providing a comfortable fit while protecting the wound from rubbing. When we come to your option, it is available in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can find the right one for your needs

DuoDerm CGF Dressing Features

  • Unique ConvaTec formula differentiates it from other hydrocolloid dressings 
  • Ideal for light to moderate exuding wounds
  • Easy to apply and can be removed without damaging newly formed tissue
  • Large range of shapes and sizes - including sacral, heel, and oval shape
  • Thin, smooth, low-friction backing designed to reduce shearing
  • The tapered edge prevents rucking on bedclothes or bedding
  • Thin polyurethane film provides a bacterial and viral barrier
  • The film provides a waterproof barrier over the dressing
  • Tapered edge contours to difficult areas

Design and Benefits of Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing

ConvaTec DuoDERM CGF dressing has been shown to be more effective than dressings such as hydrocolloid, silicone, or bandages in the treatment of these conditions. It is coated with a hydrocolloid adhesive that forms a seal around the wound and helps reduce inflammation. The dressing has a distinctive appearance, with a gradual taper from the base of the dressing to the edge. This design feature helps reduce pressure on the wound and promotes healing.

These fancy bandages create a matrix over the wound, acting as a scab, allowing the body to retain healing fluids and protecting the wound from infection. The dressing can be used on open or closed wounds and helps to speed the healing process. It has a thin, tapered edge that helps reduce the chances of tissue adhesion and tissue slippage.

Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing specifications

  • Size and shape availability
  • 10cm x 10cm, 14cm x 14cm and 20cm x 20cm - Square
  • 15cm x 18cm and 20cm x 23cm - Triangle
  • 18cm x 19cm - Heel
  • 20cm x 23cm - Butterfly
  • 10cm x 17.5cm – Oval
  • A box of 5 dressings

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Looking for a CGF dressing that is easy to use and stays in place? Look no further than ConvaTec DuoDerm Signal Tapered Edge CGF Dressing. This dressing is made from a patented mesh fabric that allows air to flow freely, so it is comfortable to wear and does not adhere to the skin. It also has a tapered edge that helps keep the dressing in place.

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