Core Products CPap Pillow | SKU: COR-FIB-279, COR-FIB-280, COR-FIB-281 | UPC: 782944027915, 782944028011, 782944028110
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Core Products CPAP Pillow

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Core Products CPAP Pillow

Sleep apnea is a significant healthcare issue around the world. Stats show that approximately 1 billion people worldwide suffer from the said sleep disorder, some of whom have to put on a machine to sleep peacefully. The contraption used by most sleep apnea patients features a mask and straps for secure placement. While useful for restful sleep, sleep apnea machines can cause discomfort, making lying and turning in bed difficult.

To provide patients with sleep apnea, a comfortable sleeping cushion that facilitates peaceful sleep, Core Products released a CPAP pillow that keeps a sleeper's head snugly in place and eases pressure on the skin pressed under the machine straps. The core products CPAP pillow is specially designed for patients with sleep apnea, keeping in mind the need for a plush cushion to allow comfortable movement when in bed with the machine strapped to the sleeper's head. It keeps the neck nestled comfortably on the softcover of the without loosening the straps. It also prevents mask leaks and pressure point soreness on the face.

The Core Products CPAP Pillow works great with all kinds of nasal full-face or nasal pillow style masks.

Although the product is primarily geared towards people suffering from sleep apnea, it can be used by just about anyone who has to put on an oral or dental device while sleeping. Whether someone likes to sleep on their side or lie on their tummy, they can use the CPAP pillow in both positions; they will feel comfortable instantly.

Available in 3 loft sizes, 3", 4", 5", allowing users to choose the one that suits them best.

Additionally, the pillow is useful for pregnant women due to its specially designed shape. It keeps them comfortably settled in place for as long as they need to lay down without swallowing them up (which regular pillows can do; hence making getting up extremely challenging for expectant mothers)

Sleep like a baby all night long or during nap time with the Core Products CPAP Pillow.

CPAP Nasal Pillow Features And Benefits

  • Sleeping Pillow for people with sleep apnea
  • Can be used by pregnant ladies or people with dental or oral devices
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Brand: Core Products

Nose Pillow CPAP Dimensions:

  • 3" Loft -(21" x 15" x 3")
  • 4" Loft -(21" x 15" x 4")
  • 5" Loft -(21" x 15" x 5")

Sleep Apnea Pillow Specifications:

Product Size UPC SKU
 3" Loft 782944027915 COR-FIB-279
 4" Loft 782944028011 COR-FIB-280
  5" Loft 782944028110 COR-FIB-281

Get a better night sleep even when wearing CPAP with Core Products CPAP Pillow.

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