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Diagnostic Equipment



Avoid costly airline excess baggage fees by pre-weighing your luggage before you get to the airport This handy digital grip luggage scale can weigh in grams, Kg, Oz and Lbs Operates with 2 AA batteries (not included) Take the stress out of your next trip...

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Drive Medical

Drive Medical Digital Patient Lift Scale

$1,511.90 $1,286.95

The Digital Patient Lift Scale from Drive Medical is designed for use with a patient lift. Operating with most manufacturer lifts, its simple and easy to use design accomodates weights of up to 600 lbs.

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Fat-O-Meter Skinfold Caliper


Plastic skinfold caliper is the inexpensive alternative for skinfold analysis. Spring loaded arm assures a reproductible "pinch". Read directly from the 50 mm scale. Ideal instrument for screening large populations. Comes with intructions and tables...

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HoMedics No Touch Infrared Thermometer

$99.99 $89.99

HoMedics No Touch Infrared Thermometer The HoMedics No Touch Infrared Thermometer uses a non-contact infrared technology to measure the temperature of body, food, liquid and room. Features: Easy-to-read backlight display High red light fever alarm...


HoMedics Pulse Oximeter

$99.99 $60.00

HoMedics Pulse Oximeter The HoMedics Pulse Oximeter measures blood oxygen saturation levels as well as monitoring pulse rate. Features: For Sports and Aviation use Pulse rate strength indicator Pulse rhythm graph Monitor heart rate during exercise...


Imperial pH Test Strips 1-14 - Vial 100 strips

$16.30 $6.80

Imperial pH Test Strips 1-14 - Vial 100 strips Imperial pH Test Strips are for testing the pH level of different liquids, such as drinking water, pool water, saliva, and urine. Each strip tests on a range from 1-14. Less than 7 is acidic, 7 is neutral,...

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Mobb Healthcare

MOBB Blood Pressure Monitor

$20.00 $18.90

MOBB Blood Pressure Monitor The Mobb Blood Pressure Monitor is simple, reliable, compact, and low cost. SlimFit comfortable cuff Irregular Heartbeat indicator Accuracy within 5% Palm Top style Portable With an easy to use manual inflation design, the...

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Relaxus Inversion Table

$350.00 $299.99

Relaxus Inversion Table The Relaxus Inversion Table is a fantastic, easy to use device that helps relieve muscle and back ache. Features & Benefits: Up to 180° inversion. Adjustable height - 4'10" to 6'6". Foam ankle clamps and non-slip rubber...

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Keep track of your weight and add a nice touch to your bathroom with this Round Glass Weight Scale. Delivering precise reading each time you step on, this scale features a strong tempered glass design and has a weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 kg). The...

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