Essential Tools and Socks for Diabetics

Diabetes comes with many challenges and interruptions. The selection of diabetes tools below can help improve your daily experiences.

Glucose Meters and Test Strips

The wide selection of glucose monitors and test strips provide you the opportunity to find a device that works best for you.

The meters are designed to give accurate results while some even sync with apps to keep a record of all your readings to help you manage your diabetes.

The test strips also provide accurate details. Using strips eliminates the possibility of having a technological coding error. They’re also designed so you can use the same strip more than once which lessens waste.

Insulin Syringes for Diabetes

The syringes and needles below are versatile and designed to fit your needs.

You will find boxes of syringes that have clear markings so you can make accurate measurements of your medicine. Some have needles attached too, so everything you need is together.

There are some needles below that allow injections from lower angles using special technology. These can also be used with one hand, facilitating insulin injection and blood collection.

Men’s and Women’s Diabetic Socks

The diabetic socks below help protect sensitive feet.

Some aren’t only soft and without seams, but have grips so you don’t slip. These also promote better blood circulation.

Others use moisture wicking fabric with extra padding for added care. The taller ones may have mild compression around the legs to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.


BD Medical

BD Eclipse Needle 25G x 1" - Box of 100

$36.99 $30.95

BD Eclipse Needle 25G x 1" - Box of 100 The BD Eclipse Needle can be used for both injection and blood collection. Eclipse Needle Features Single-handed injection Pivoting needle technology Bevel-oriented needle to facilitate low angle...

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BD Medical

BD Leur Lok 3ml Syringe - Box of 200

$40.00 $34.95

BD Leur Lok 3ml Syringe - Box of 200 BD Leur Lok 3ml Syringes are used for diabetic and other medical conditions, including vitamin deficiencies and intramuscular medication. BD 3ml Syringe Features Sterile and disposable Comes individually wrapped...

Novo Nordisk

NovoFine Plus Pen Needle 4mm 32G - Box of 100


NovoFine Plus Pen Needle 4mm 32G The NovoFine Plus Pen Needle is one of the shortest and thinnest needles available. NovoFine Plus 32G Features Ergonomic grip - incorporates built-in extended flanges Flat needle base for better skin contact...

Contour Next

Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter


Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter A blood glucose meter is used to measure the levels of glucose in the blood in diabetes patients. Blood sugar monitor has many helpful features for users that make it the device to use. This highly accurate...


AccuChek Guide Glucose Meter


AccuChek Guide Glucose Meter The AccuChek Guide makes daily glucose testing easier with it's wider dosing area on the new strip design. AccuChek Guide Glucometer Features Spill-resistant SmartPack™ helps remove one strip at a time Test...


Droplet Pen Needle 32G 4mm - Box of 100

$68.95 $56.90

Droplet Pen Needle 32G 4mm - Box of 100 Droplet pen needles are designed to meet your diabetes treatment needs. Consult a healthcare professional when choosing the right Droplet pen needle version. Droplet Needles for Insulin Features: Newly...

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Incrediwear Walking Boot Undersleeve - Unisex

$75.99 $65.00

Incrediwear Walking Boot Undersleeve -Unisex The Walking Boot Undersleeve is engineered to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and restore mobility in the ankle or foot. The Walking Boot Undersleeve can be worn 24/7, and is designed to be worn underneath a...

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Medical ID Necklace for Adults

$12.49 $9.90

Medical ID Necklace for Adults Bilingual engraving Made of stainless steel Includes iron chain and raised red alloy emblem Medical Identification jewelry saves lives by providing accurate medical information when needed most By providing vital...