Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve - Featuring Marvel -  DJO-DA191KS01
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Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve - Featuring Marvel

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Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve - Featuring Marvel

Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve is a unique and innovative product designed especially for pediatrics and youth to provide relief from the pain and discomfort associated with patella knee syndrome. This knee sleeve is made from a lightweight and durable fabric that is comfortable to wear, and it features a stylish marvel design that makes it an attractive gear for kids. It comes in various sizes to fit your kids' size and can be worn both during exercise and everyday activities. 

Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve offers relief for pediatric and youth suffering from knee pain; it provides relief from the pain and inflammation associated with patella tendonitis. This sleeve is made of breathable fabric that contours to the body, and it features adjustable straps that ensure a customized fit. In addition to providing relief from pain, the Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve helps to improve mobility and range of motion in the knee. 

Features of Donjoy Knee Brace 

  • 4mm Neoprene aids in a compressive fit
  • Pull tabs for easy on/off
  • Mesh popliteal provides a comfortable fit
  • The calf Expansion panel aids in flexibility
  • Unique Marvel Design

Design of Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve

Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve is available in Spiderman and Captain America design to make it attractive to pediatric and youth populations; it allows personality and character to come out and can make wearing a knee support more fun while helping soothe Patella knee pain and discomfort.

These patella sleeves are made with the kids in mind; It is designed with pull tabs for an easy on-off for pediatric and youth knee sleeves. This feature makes it easy to get the sleeve on and off without struggling with buttons or zippers; this is especially important for young children who may be unsteady on their feet or those who have difficulty using buttons or zippers. 

Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Brace features a 4mm neoprene and a mesh popliteal to help provide a comfortable fit and compression. Its calf expansion panel aids flexibility which helps create better comfort in on-field movement. It has a unique design that incorporates a contoured fit that effectively eliminates drafts and heat buildup while still allowing the user to move freely. Additionally, the fabric is treated with a cooling agent to keep users comfortable in warm environments.

Benefits of Donjoy Patella Knee Sleeve for Knee Pain

Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve is designed specifically for pediatric and youth athletes. It offers several benefits, including enhanced stability, support, and quicker healing time. Additionally:

  • It improves joint stability and function.
  • It reduces pain and swelling.
  • It enhances athletic performance and participation.
  • It prevents injuries to the knee joint in the future.
  • It improves sleep quality for young patients with knee issues.

Knee Sleeve with Patella Cutout Specifications



11 - 12”

12 - 13”

28 - 30.5 cm

30.5 - 33 cm

*Size based on knee circumference. Measure from the center of the kneecap.

How to Use Donjoy Advantage Patella Brace

  • Pull the sleeve up over the knee joint centering the patella in the opening.
  • The mesh popliteal should be on the back of the knee/leg.
  • Adjust as needed

Care Instructions: Hand wash using warm water and mild soap, then rinse thoroughly—Air dry.

Buy Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve - Featuring Marvel

Looking for a knee sleeve that can protect your child's knees while playing sports or participating in other activities? Check out the Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve! This sleeve is designed specifically for pediatric and youth use, and it comes with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice. 

Get yours now to support and stabilize your child's knee with Donjoy Advantage Patella Knee Sleeve!

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